Alfred R. Kahn
19144al headshot MD
Universe Real Life
Debut 4Kids entertaiment: 1991-2011
Appears in Lawl Equinox
Friends Leo Burnett
Irate Gamer
Best Hercules
Enemies Nostalgia Critic
Any anime characters he has ruined.
Lawl Team Lawl Equinox


Unwanted Censorship

Some lewd/violent but awesome scene shows up. But Alfred says "No, No, No. We can't do that" and takes away the picture, throws it away and we here the SSBB Audience disappointment SFX (When you fail at Break the Targets or Home Run Contest)

Special Moves

Neutral B - Water gun

Alfred shoots his water gun that slipped his opponents(no damage)

Inspiration Clip: The guns replacement to waterguns, Example: One Piece

Side B - Giant sandwich rolling

Similar to Jigglypuff's B side, Alfred uses his giant sandwich to roll while he is eating that  cause 3% damage to the opponents.. It heals 4% off his damage while eating until its gone.

Inspiration Clip: Ash found a giant sandwich(that's replaced a giant riceball) edited by 4Kids

Up B - Team Rocked Balloon

Alfred flies to the air for 4 seconds, after the 4 seconds the balloon pop out and Alfred falls hard into the ground.

(20% to himself)

Down B - Censored stuffs

Similar to Mewtwo's move disable, this attack cause the opponent's Special move weaker for 5 seconds. It also replace items to something weak, useless and kidfriendly that chase less damage.

Inspiration Clip: Well anything that you see they replace things with.

Final Smash- The National Anthem

Alfred censor his opponents and let them sing the horrible version of the National Athem. The opponent who has trapped into the song chases 70% damage and flies off the stage.

Inspiration Clip:





Victory Options


Other Attacks


4Kids Logo

Victory Theme

4Kids National Anthem

Snake Codec


Character Description

Alfred Robert Kahn (born January 18, 1947) is a retired American executive. From 1991 to 2011, he was Chairman and CEO of 4Kids Entertainment, a company that is a global provider of children's entertainment and merchandise licensing. He previously led the licensing division for the Coleco company. In 1988, he turned Leisure Concepts, Inc. into 4Kids Entertainment, since then being the chairman and CEO of that company. In 2002, he founded the National Law Enforcement and Firefighters Children's Foundation.
Kahn also serves on the Board of Directors of the Federal Drug Agents Foundation, Children's Tumor Foundation, Stephen Gaynor School for Learning Difficulties, Long Island University, and Bette Midler's New York Restoration Project. He has also appeared in various conferences surrounding the anime industry.

Pawlette Swaps

  • TBA

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