Azazel - Final Stage Screen - T6 BR
Universe Namco
Debut Tekken 6
Appears in Super Smash Bros. Kombat
Super Lawl
Friends TBA
Enemies Jack the Hedgehog

Patricia the Skunk
Princess Celestia
Lars Alexandersson
Jin Kazama

Lawl Team Kombat
Team Super Lawl

Character Description

The clash of three evil stars will shake the world when they come into contact and inevitably, the two will unite with the sealed ancient evil being protected by his group, destroying the world.

Role in Story Mode

The Galaxy Wars

Azazel is one of few members of the Galaxy Army debuted in Azazel's Chamber , he occupy his own Chamber to get revenge on Jin Kazama. Later in Part II, he describes himself as one the three bad stars. After his defeat, John punches him into the forhead like Jin does, but he just stays here watching him burning into hell instead of both of then fall into hell, then the heroes will never see him again as his Chamber crumbles. Later in The Great Maze, his Chamber is one of Iris Sepperin's recreation in order to get revenge on not only the heroes, but also Spiritia.

Kombat Story Mode

Azazel appears as the Final Boss of the Super Smash Bros. Kombat: Story Mode.


All of his moves comes from Tekken 6, and they are pretty powerful.

Name Damage Notes
Eye Laser 10% Fires a laser beam from his forhead.
Roll 7% per hit (Up to 24%) Azazel curls up into a ball, then rams into his opponent.
Jumping Slam 30% Azazel does a high jump, then he slams himself onto the stage, creating a shockwave.
Double Tail Whip 12% per tail. Azazel sweeps the floor with his tail two times. Anyone who hits his tail will be slipped off.
Boulder 23% Azazel summons an immense boulder from the ground, then throws the boulder across the stage via telekinesis.
Flaming Roar 19% fire damage Azazel roars, as the opponent gets burned.
Crystal Punch 11% Azazel slams on the ground with his fist, then makes a clystal coming out of the ground, he can send 4 crystals if he's on low heath (As Golden Azazel).
Boulders 'n' Lasers 50% (Powerful enough to K.O.) Azazel grabs the opponent, then summons many large boulders, then he finishes off with a 10-hit clockwise motion eye laser from his forhead.



  • It's spirit was awoken from the contact between Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama, possessors of the Devil Gene. It was later given physical form from all the negative emotions caused by the war started by Jin. (in Scenario mode, while playing with Devil Jin against Azazel, it is reveal that Azazel started the Devil Gene).
  • First defeated by Lars Alexandersson, and later killed by Jin Kazama in Tekken 6 Scenario Campaign, but in Super Lawl, he was defeated by Alisa and later killed by John.

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