Bellrower Dock is a Story Mode Stage in Smash Brothers Elite.


In a destroy Belltower Dock Yard, Adam Jensen is also searching for Loc-Nar and then encounter Suiseiseki Deus. Adam tell Suiseiseki to leave this building now, as he are inclined to find more Extraterrestrial power. Meanwhile, Suiseiseki see GyroHedige453, who is a stupid recolor that think that he is a god. Wanting to stop the evil, Gyro dose a Chaos Doom Spear at Adam, but fail, and while he complain about his misspell, Adam grab Suiseiseki to defeat that Sonic wannabe. They beat Gyro, But Colonal Radec come in and saves him, while sending the Helghast Army to deal with the two. Adam and Suiseiseki take care of the army, and begin traveling.

At the Helghast Hideout, Radec begins communicating with HIM, along with Daroach about the hedgehog him just find. He informs Colonal Radec that he doesn't find Loc-Nar and tell HIM that him sending out more of his guy to deal with the people getting involved around The XYZ Project. While Radec leave the Hideout, Gyro begins practice that Chaos Doom Spear, which accidentally hit Radec. Daroach them pick up Radec, as he starts thrusting that is Gyro disobey Radec order, his going to blow his head out. Radec then begins to drag Gyro the Hedgehog out, alongside with Daroach.

It is then revealed that the Helghast Hideout is near a bruning Dreamland. A shadow-like things, commentating on the XYZ Project, mentions the pain in the other world when saying hearing a cry of a Alicorn into the night.

Characters Appears

as Playable Characters

as Non-Playable characters (or Challengers)

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