Ben Drowned
Ben drowned
"You shouldn't have done that."
Universe Nintendo
Debut Ben Drowned
Appears in Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy
Smash Bros. Lawl Armada
Friends Jeff the Killer
Lulu (love interest in I Eat Pasta for Breakfast)
Sally Williams (girlfriend)
CD-i Ganon
Darth Vader
The Masked Pope
Enemies CD-i Link
Herobrine (rival in Creepypasta the Fighters)
Claude Frollo
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team Galaxy
Team Armada


Swimming Out

A pool of water starts bubbling, and Ben swims out of it and climbs to the battlefield.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Ocarina

Ben gets out the Ocarina of Time from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask. While it's out, you can play a tune in an 8-note input like in the games. The input is done by moving the analog stick in a corresponding direction as well as pressing A. There are 5 different songs to play:

Song of Storms

  • A, down, up, A, down, up

Like in Ocarina of Time, rain will brew, producing slip traps on the ground that will evaporate after a short while when the rain clears up. There's a possibility that the Song of Storms will cure Ben of any status problems he's undergoing (I.E. poison, afterburn, etc.) like in Wind Waker.

Inverted Song of Time

  • Down, A, right, down, A, right

Like the Timer item, time will slow down for the competition for 10 seconds. This allows Ben the upper hand. If he plays it again early, time goes back to normal speed.

Scarecrow's Song

  • Any other tune as long as it isn't the same set of notes

A Scarecrow appears in front of Ben for as long as Wobbuffet would stay after being summoned in Brawl. He also has similar effects as Wobbuffet upon being hit. However, he can also get out-of-reach items, allowing Ben, or one of his teammates, to get it. Furthermore, he's able to disarm unavoidable traps, but at the cost of some of Ben's health like Nicolas Cage's Unmasker.

Goron Lullaby

  • A, right, left, A, right, left, right

This has similar effects to Jigglypuff's singing in Brawl.

Song of Unhealing

  • Up, right, left, up, right left

Anyone near Ben will be disarmed of an advantage-granting effect (I.E. Anthony's Life Hacks/Ian's 15-Hr. Energy) as well as knocking down ammunition used for any of the player's special attacks. In that case, it will take twice as long for that knocked down bit of stock to be replenished. Though that trollish deed can only be done one at a time for the competition, so don't think you can sweep away all of Morshu's Rupees in three plays of the song.

When Ben has the ocarina out, he's vulnerable to attacks. You can put it away by pressing B.

Side B - Firewall Corruption

Ben's eyes start to glow in a bloody red with bleeding tears as he shoves one hand forward and causes wires to come out of the middle of his palm like Scorpion's spear (in the Mortal Kombat movie). The reach of it is half as much as Morshu's Rope vertically. If an opponent gets ensnared in the wires, Ben will either cause the opponent to ignite and fall down as the wires go back into his hand, or he harnesses a certain characteristic of the opponent such as Sonic.exe's speed or Toon Snake's stealth, similar to Inspector Gadget's Move the Glow. The characteristic is lost when Ben gets KO'd. And you can only collect one characteristic at a time, so don't try to be Jesus Christ because you'll only be burning the other opponents. The wires from Ben's hand are able to be used as a tether for platforms. They can also grab items from far away.

Up B - Teleportation

First, Ben places the stand of the Elegy of Emptiness statue on the ground in a similar fashion as Dark Helmet placing teleportation pads on the ground. While it's out and placed down, you can teleport back to it upon reinput. When near it, Ben can pick it up and place it to a more desirable location. It can also be used by him as a throwing item similar to Toon Mario's Hot Record, but without leaving behind flames that'll die out after tossing the disc around too damn much. Though with the use of placing traps directly on it while in place, the pad will sadly not work, causing Ben to resort to floating up for a short while. On land, if he doesn't get down, he'll burn up. If an opponent is on the pad when he's teleporting, the opponent will be stunned and then pushed over, taking some burn damage in the process.

Down B - Masquerade

Ben gets out the Deku, Goron, and Zora Masks. You can choose a mask with the d-pad, and put them all away by moving down. Each mask grants Ben a different characteristic or two as well as changing his appearance and granting some new moves:

Deku Ben

  • As a Deku, Ben is light, sadly having an increased damage ratio, in that he takes more knockback in this form than he does in his normal form. Though he is pretty nimble like Pikachu.
Neutral B - Bubble Blast

Holding down B will cause Deku Ben to create a bubble from his mouth, and releasing B will fire said bubble, sending it weaving forward in an erratic pattern. This will deal minimal damage but will stun the opponents it strikes. The bigger the bubble, the longer the stun. If B is held too long however, the bubble will pop, stunning Deku Ben.

Side B - Spin Attack

Deku Ben will twirl forward on one foot. This works just like Young Link's Sword Spin, only if it's used in the air, it will still only provide horizontal recovery.

Up B - Deku Flower Flight

No matter where Deku Ben is, a Deku Flower will appear beneath him, and Deku Ben will bury himself into it for as long as B is held. When B is released, Deku Ben will be spat out of the flower and he will be holding two giant flowers. With these, Deku Ben can glide around with them. Upon pressing down on the analog stick, Deku Ben will release the flowers and fall helplessly to solid ground. When being spat from the Deku Flower, Deku Ben could deal damage to opponents.

Goron Ben

  • As a Goron, Ben moves slower than usual. Solid projectiles can even bounce off of his gut like Mama Luigi during the Magic Balloon.
Neutral B - Goron Punch

Goron Ben will rear up and put all his weight into one flaming punch dealing damage to foes as well as big knockback. Think of this as a faster and less effective version of the Falcon Punch.

Side B - Goron Curl

Goron Ben will curl up and take off. The longer he keeps rolling, the faster he moves and the more powerful this move becomes as indicated by the red aura that envelops him. When at full strength, the red aura will vanish and Goron Ben will produce spikes all over his body, thus allowing him to roll through opponents.

Up B - Goron Pound

Goron Ben will curl up and bounce into the sky, then rocket back to the ground, causing rocks to spike up on either side upon landing. If Goron Ben lands on a foe, he/she will be dealt big damage, but virtually no knockback. Sometimes, the opponent can get plowed into the ground for twice as long as a Pitfall does. If an opponent is hit by the jutting rocks, they will receive some damage, but big knockback.

Zora Ben

  • As a Zora, Ben has a longer amount of swim time as well as being able to swim faster than normal. Sadly, he's still prone to sinking and drowning.
Neutral B - Boomerang Fins

Holding B will cause Zora Ben to enter a ready stance. In this, he can walk backwards and forwards, but cannot jump or face another direction. Upon releasing B, he will fire his fins away from himself. They will reach a point and circle back to Zora Ben - one will circle up and back while the other will circle down and back.

Side B - Dolphin Jump

Out of nowhere, a splash of water will cause Zora Ben to spin through the air diving into the competition and racking up damage to opponents. This is also good for horizontal recovery as well as being a bit of a saving grace for when he's sinking.

Up B - Shock Shield

Zora Ben strikes a guarded Pose as a huge twister of electricity swirls around him. This will grant zero vertical recovery, but in turn will deal great vertical reach. This strikes opponents high above Zora Ben. The longer B is held however, the smaller the shield becomes until eventually Zora Ben will enter the shieldbroken state. The less this is used, the better the move is.

Obviously, you can press down+B to change back to normal Ben.

Final Smash - One Last Chance...

Everything goes black except for Ben. The opponent the closest to him and/or with the most damage will recieve his message saying, "I'll give you one last chance... Back to where it all started..." Suddenly, it cuts to the title "Dawn of The Final Day ~24 Hours Remain~". Ben is nowhere to be seen. The ground itself quakes like there's no tomorrow, harming anyone standing on it. It will then turn blue and Igos du Ikana will briskly strike. If he lands a hit on a target, the blue switches to red and the opponent gets KO'd instantaneously. A message will then appear saying "Why is he smiling? The father?" The red then fades away, showing the opponents at a graveyard. Upon choice of the correct grave, you'll survive this bit. Another message appears saying "It'll be our little secret, okay?" A cutscene of the opponents roaming through the twisted corridors plays. Ben is there waiting for them as he says to them, "You can't run..." It then cuts from black to the opponent with the least damage standing with Ben and the Happy Mask Salesman as the Song of Unhealing plays. As ben then teleports to in front of the opponent, it then cuts to black again. Another message appears saying, "The counter resets... I'm glad you did that..." The opponent is then seen under water as Ben suddenly glows. After 5 seconds, the opponent drowns, getting KO'd at last.


KOSFX1: "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

KOSFX2: "No..."

Star KOSFX: "You shouldn't have done that!"

Screen KOSFX: *grunts*


Up: "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?"

Sd: "Your t-t-t--" *glitches up* "Help me..." *glitches* "--turn..."

Dn: "What is it that really scares you?"

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. "Now let me conclude this battle with the Song of Unhealing..."

2. "It's the dawn of a new day now, chump."

3. *smokes some pot in victory*

Failure/Clap: Drowning

Standard Attacks

Neutral Jabs: Gilded Sword swipes

Dash Attack: Sliding Statue

Smash Attacks

  • Sd -
  • Up -
  • Dn -

Tilt Attacks

  • Sd -
  • Up -
  • Dn -

Aerial Attacks

  • N-Air -
  • F-Air -
  • B-Air - Hip Glitch
  • U-Air -
  • D-Air -


  • Grab - Psychic Grip
  • Pummel - Gargling Water...?
  • Forward -
  • Back -
  • Up - Levitate, then BURN!!!
  • Down - Sudden Drown


  • Ledge Attack -
  • 100% Ledge Attack -
  • Ground Attack - Reverse Burns
  • Trip Attack -

Snake Codec

Otacon: "Snake, it seems you've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?"

Snake: "What do you mean, Otacon? With that statue of Link? It's giving me the creeps, but it doesn't look that tough to me."

Otacon: "Snake, that's Ben. He comes from a haunted cartridge of Majora's Mask, and will mess around with the game. At a certain point, he'll be freed and will take over other electronic devices."

Snake: "Kind of like Psycho Mantis. Can he read minds?"

Otacon: "Nope."

Snake: "Well, then I won't have to worry about him predicting my every move."

Otacon: "Yeah, well just don't get too comfortable, Snake. If he levitates you and sets you on fire, you can kiss your butt goodb--." *static*

Ben: "You shouldn't have done that..."

Snake: "Damn. I guess it's back to the mission for me."

Daily Buglin'

Jameson: "Think I heard a crazy rumor that Ben here was once a homo. Bring me some decent photos!"

Peter Parker: *shows one of many yaoi pics with Ben involved as he puts on his emo face* "I'd like $300."

Jameson: "Creepypasta serious? I could get that as cheap as cheese and crackers here! There's also a rumor that he takes over electronics. Show some decent photos!"

Peter Parker: *shows his cell phone, which Ben's taking control of*

Jameson: "That was fast."

Character Description

On Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2010, a 4chan user named Jadusable posted a long thread about his experiences with a haunted Majora's Mask cartridge. Basically, it explains that he got a shady-looking copy of Majora's Mask from an old man at a yard sale. When he got home to his dorm to play it, he noticed there was a file dubbed "BEN", which he ignored since he created a new file. In his new file, all the NPCs kept referring to him as BEN. Thinking it'd help, Jadusable deleted the "BEN" file, which, big surprise, didn't work at all. Now characters don't say his name at all. Frustrated, he decided to do the 4th Day glitch, and what occurred afterward was quite a surprise. He got put into the Skull Kid boss fight at the end of the game, but it didn't display the text correctly and the Song of Healing played backwards. Eventually, he was ported back to Clock Town, but its contents added to the disturbance. Textures were missing, music was still screwed up, and it was all void of NPCs. It's later revealed that BEN is now inside the internet, able to be spread when someone downloads Jadusable's .wmvs or .txts.

Classic Mode



Pawlette Swaps


Victory Theme

SSB4 - Legend of Zelda Victory Theme


Clock Town


Majora's Mask Cartridge


  • Ben Drowned is mostly notified as being the #1 creepypasta on many top 10-etc. creepypastas, gaming or otherwise.
  • If you asked Cleverbot what happened to him, it'll know and sometimes refuse to tell. But nowadays, that no longer occurs.
  • Ben Drowned was mentioned by Ashens in his first 10 Reviews in 10 Mins. video.

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