Bill Rizer
Universe Konami
Debut Contra/Gryzor
Appears in Super Lawl
Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy
Friends Lance Bean
Enemies Aliens
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team Super Lawl
Team Galaxy



A helicopter flies in and Bill slides down the rope to the battlefield.

Special Attacks

Super Lawl

Neutral B - Homing Missile

Bill fires a single missile that homes in on the closest opponent at medium range

Side B - Flame Thrower

Bill shoots a spinning flame wheel that moves forward at medium range

Up B - Somersault Shot

Bill somersaults upward while firing shots in multiple directions as he spins

Down B - Laser

Bill fires a laser that does multiple hits upon direct contact. Tappin again upon firing makes the laser stop at close range.

Final Smash - Spread Gun

Bill will pull out the Spread gun and gain the ability to fire a while spread of shots for a limited time. Bill can move around while firing and aim in any direction.

Lawl Galaxy

Neutral B - Homing Missile

Bill fires a single missile that homes in on the closest opponent at medium range. You can hold down B to aim where you want to shoot the missile, especially while you're in the air. The missiles are also able to make projectiles fall upon getting hit with a missile. If it hits a flame projectile, the explosion is twice the size. It also manages to make Bill a live projectile if the missile manages to hit him.

Side B - Lemming Ammo

Bill shoots some lemmings from his gun like in Abobo's Big Adventure. They will do minor knockback and walk around, hitting the opponent they come in contact with by using their tiny pickaxes. They can also group together and form small barricades that get stronger the taller they get. You can shoot up to 10 lemmings, which will also die if they fall from too great a height.

Up B - Copter Lift

Bill grabs onto a rope and goes up with a copter. You can move the copter around with the analog stick while moving Bill with the d-pad. While he's on the rope, you can press B to deploy grenades that are like Snake's in Brawl. The grenades also manage to leave behind pools of blood like in the April Fools joke about blood as Brawl DLC. If anyone hits the helicopter blades above, they'll obviously take damage. Press A to get off the choppa.

Down B - Sniping Mode

Bill gets out a sniper rifle and goes into a crouching position. While he's in this position, you can aim the rifle in any certain direction with the analog stick and then shoot with B. The bullets are realistically fast and do as much as you'd expect. Shots to the head will manage to deal more damage. You are allowed 5 shots with the rifle. If you use them all up, you'll stand back up. You can stand up again manually by moving up and pressing A. You can restock ammo with items such as food from a party ball.

Final Smash - Konami Code

An NES controller will first appear in the background, and will perform the Konami code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, and Start). After that performance, 30 Bill Rizers appear on screen. They can automatically perform attacks that are similar to the ones Bill can perform himself. If anyone makes direct contact with them, they'll shoot down that opponent. They can also do the same for airborne opponents. While they fool around for 20 seconds, you have a pair of spread guns that can go in every single direction. You can shoot the left one with A, and the other with B.


Super Lawl

His Ko quotes are dead sounds from Contra 1 when Bill dies.

KOSFX1: The Death Sound

KOSFX2: The Death Sound

Star KOSFX: The Death Sound

Screen KOSFX: The Death Sound

Lawl Galaxy

KOSFX1: *death sfx from Contra NES*

KOSFX2: "Agh!"

Star KOSFX: *screams*

Screen KOSFX: "Damn!"


Super Lawl

Up Taunt: Spins his gun around before gripping it again

Side Taunt: raises one fist and faces his opponent

Down Taunt:Bill widens his stance his holds his gun like a rifle

Lawl Galaxy

Up: "Let's party!"

Sd: "It's time for revenge!"

Dn: "Come get some!"

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

Super Lawl

1. Bill shouts out in victory and raises his gun.

2. Bill holds his gun over his shoulder and wipes sweat from his forehead.

3. Bill somersaults in then lands in a crouched position.

Failure/Clap: His dramatic death in every Contra games.

Lawl Galaxy

1. "Contra!"

2. wipes off some sweat

3. "All set!"

Failure/Clap: Lying dead

Standard Attacks

Super Lawl

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

  • Neutral attack- Bill fires as many shots as he wants straight forwards with each button tap
  • Dash Attack- Bill does a shoulder charge forwards
  • Side Tilt- Bill does a pistol whip with his machine gun
  • Up Tilt- Bill fires straight upwards and can also shoot diagonally
  • Down Tilt- Bill lays flat while firing forwards


  • Side- Fires a short range flamethrower from his gun
  • Up- Fires two charged shots parallel from each other straight upwards.
  • Down- Jumps up and throws a grenade straight down, causing a small explosion


  • Ledge attack: Bill rolls forwards then fires a shot diagonally while crouching
  • 100% ledge attack: ???
  • Ground attack: ???
  • Trip attack: ???

Grabs, Throws

  • Grab- Grabs forwards with a robotic arm extended. Can also be used to grab onto ledges.
  • Pummel- Bill hits with the butt of his gun while holding on
  • Forward- Tosses his enemy forwards then fires a stream of shots diagonally towards them while they are in mid-air
  • Backward- Tosses his enemy behind himself then fires a stream of shots diagonally towards them while they are in mid-air
  • Up- Tosses his enemy upwards then throws a grenade up towards them while in mid-air.
  • Down- Slams his enemy to the ground, then rolls back and throws a grenade at them


  • Neutral- Bill fires shots in mid-air
  • Forward- Bill does a jump kick forwards
  • Backward- Bill does a backwards jump kick
  • Up- Bill does a rising upper cut in mid air
  • Down- Bill kicks downwards twice

Lawl Galaxy


Snake Codec


Congratulations/Game Over Pictures

Character Description

He has been fighting alongside Lance, defeating the Red Falcon and his alien army, putting a stop to their plans to take over the Earth. After the Red Falcon is killed, the two, now accompanied by Mad Dog and Scorpion, defeat Black Viper. In the end, he was accused for killing 80% of Earth's population and is given a sentence of 10,000 years in cryogenic prison. He was released five years by the Triumvirate later, fighting alongside Lucia to stop the Blood Falcon organization - led by his ex-partner Lance who was believed to have been killed by Bill. Finally in 4444 AD he battled the Neo Contra, alongside Genbei "Jaguar" Yagyu. Later, the two defeat the lizard-like humanoid alien Chief Salamander and his army.

Classic Mode


Role in SSE



Colors & Costumes

Bill Rizer

Bill in his original appearance from Contra 4. -Colors

  • Yellow Hair and Grey Armor
  • Brown Hair and Golden Armor
  • White Hair and Bronze Armor
  • Dark Greay Hair and Green Armor
  • Orange Hair, Shirtless and Blue Pants (His Contra 1 Appearance)

Lance Bean

Bill in his appearance of his partner Lance Bean.


  • Black Hair, Green Shirt and Red Pants




  • Bill's Super Lawl moveset is based on OmegaMorph.

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