Black Mage
Black Mage
Universe Square Enix
Debut Final Fantasy
Appears in Super Lawl
Friends Steven Star
Cloud Strife
Enemies The Magician
Lawl Team Team Super Lawl

This page is for a character that is from Super Lawl, for the character that is similar to him, see Vivi.


Select Character

Black Mage gets chosen from a list of playable characters.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Stop

The Black Mage stops opponents from moving. The longer this move is charged, the longer the opponent is kept in hitstun. When you start charging there are no numbers, but the more you charge it the more roman numerals appear, counting up to six. Once fully charged Black Mage will automatically use the move. This move is very useful for edgeguarding since it can stop opponents in the air, allowing Black Mage to attack them freely. He can also freeze projectiles.

Side B - Haste

The Black Mage slowly summons an image of himself in front of him that quickly disappears if the purple line in front of himself doesn't touch an opponent. If the line does touch an opponent, the Black Mage then teleports to the opponent and attacks him with a series of quick combos with his staff and fists. This attack sends the opponent flying with the last blow, and Black Mage moves to the direction he was facing in a flash. This move is very useful for combos and combo finishers due to its powerful knockback. This is also a very useful attack in Team Battles since Black Mage can use Haste to finish the team member's combo. This move cancels all momentum when used out of hitstun. However, no horizontal distance is gained (unless if the attack connects with an opponent), making this move somewhat useful for recovery. It is widely considered to be one of the best edge-guarding moves in the game due to its huge range, accuracy, and overall distance it uses and the fact that it does not leave Black Mage helpless if the attack connects.

Up B - Warp

When the spell is launched, a small green ring will appear that you can move with the arrow keys, the Black Mage will teleport to the ring when the move ends. The longer the special attack button is held, the farther the ring will go. It's one of the best recoveries in the game if Black Mage uses the maximum distance, especially when he is falling, making it very hard to K.O. Black Mage with a meteor smash or a semi-spike. However, its vulnerability during startup and predictability limits its usefulness a bit, despite the very long range. On the up side, he can change the direction his warp ring moves, confusing opponents.

Down B - Meteor

Black Mage summons a meteor from the air or ground which can be charged. As it charges, it rises and inflates in size if on the ground. If in the air, it will do those effects in his hands. When the special button is let go, the meteor will crash diagonally to the ground harming anyone in range with a large explosion.

Final Smash - Random Encounter

This attack causes Black Mage to summon several monsters like Goblins, Bombs, Wolves and Ogres to appear all over the stage while Black Mage disappears. These monsters cannot be killed, but they can be attacked. Then, he reappears in the foreground, along with a move selection screen (like those seen in Final Fantasy). Black Mage selects Flare and unleashes it on his opponents. It is very powerful and it can 1-Hit-KO under many circumstances; however, unlike most Final Smashes, it can be dodged. It can do up to 300% altogether if they are hit by enough monsters.





Screen KOSFX:


Up: Spins and raises a hand into the air while a small melody from the Final Fantasy fanfare plays.

Sd: Takes out a rat's tail and pokes it.

Dn: Plays the lute from Final Fantasy.

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

Victory 1: Jumps on his scepter and makes a win pose while floating along with a green, red, yellow or blue gem.

Victory 2: Spins and raises a hand into the air

Victory 3: Raises both arms up and down

Lose Pose: Claps to the winner

Classic Mode Win/Lose Pose

Congratulations/Game Over Pictures

Character Description

Black Mage is not a generic sole character in the Final Fantasy franchise, but it is, in fact, one of the most iconic job classes from said franchise. In most of the game, Black Mage is a magic user specializing in attack magic, Black Magic. Their weapons are generally restricted to rods and daggers. They are usually depicted wearing distinctive costumes consisting of a blue or black robe and a large conical, wide-brimmed hat which obscures their face, with two yellow eyes shining from within the shadow. The outfit of the Black Mages is similar to the generic appearance of a wizard. In the original NES game, the Black Wizard lacked the hat and obscured face that became the defining features of the Black Mage. This was changed in the WonderSwan remakes and Final Fantasy Origins so that he still looks like a traditional Black Mage after becoming a Black Wizard. In Final Fantasy IX, the Black Mage Village is a forested hamlet where many mass-produced Black Mages have become self-aware. Final Fantasy IX is the only game that features Black Mages as a distinct race, although the Yukes of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles are very similar in their inhuman appearance and magical ability.

Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

  • Neutral attack- Punches forward with his right hand and left hand.
  • Dash Attack- Uses Petrify on himself while he falls/trips on the floor. Grants him Super Armor, but he can be grabbed out of it.


  • Side - Swings his staff forwards.
  • Up - Goblin Punches upwards.
  • Down - Takes out a knife and stabs it forward across the floor.


  • Side-
    • Uncharged: Uses Thundaga on enemies in front of him.
    • Fully charged: Creates a pillar of thunder that advances across the entire stage.
  • Up-
    • Uncharged: Uses Firaga as a fire uppercut aka Shoryuken.
    • Fully charged: Two pillars of flame pop out of the ground on either side of Black Mage and converge on him. When they meet, an explosion occurs.
  • Down-
    • Uncharged: Uses Blizzaga on the floor adjacent to him, freezing enemies on hit.
    • Fully charged: The Blizzaga spell travels along the floor.


  • N-Air - Spins around in a great fireball. Eight hits, each hit deals 2% for a total of 16%.
  • F-Air - Chocobo kick. One of his best aerials and can be used to wall-chain.
  • B-Air - Stabs with his knife behind him.
  • U-Air - Uses Flood magic to attack upwards. Good juggler.
  • D-Air - Black Mage swipes a scythe downwards in an arc. This move can send opponents in different directions. Anyone who touches the blade at the beginning of the move will be sent downwards. Anyone who touches the blade at the end of the arc will be sent diagonally downwards. Anyone who touches the blade at the very end of the move is sent upwards with good knockback. Different parts of the attack do different damage. All parts of the scythe do 6%.
    • If the blade hits the opponent at a certain angle (an image of Death will show), a grim reaper will hover above the opponent and attack the opponent after a randomly decided period of time. It gives about 6% damage, and it is a meteor smash.

Grabs, Throws

  • Grab- Black Mage grabs the opponent.
  • Pummel- Stabs opponent. 1% for each hit.
  • Forward- Creates a small tornado to lift the opponent up, then hurls them forward.
  • Backward- Levitates the opponent backwards, then stabs the ground with the end of his staff, causing a pillar of earth to jut out of the ground.
  • Up- Changes his hat into a Cactuar and uses 1000 Needles on the opponent.
  • Down- Uses Bio Magic to poison the opponent with his staff. Does no damage, poisons the enemy. Poison deals 1% each half-second, for a total of 21% over 6.5 seconds.


  • Ledge attack: Hits forward with his staff.
  • 100% ledge attack: Leaps high into the air and stabs a giant broadsword into the ground.
  • Front attack: ???
  • Back attack: ???
  • Trip attack: Swings staff on both sides.

Changes from SSF2 to Super Lawl

  • Buff The charge up of Stop is now significantly shorter.
  • Buff Warp is now more farther than before.
  • Buff The fully charged Thundaga is somewhat faster.
  • Buff His up throw now deals 2% per hit, the last giving 6%. 11% total.
  • Buff His forward tilt now deals moderate knockback.
  • Buff Meteor now has more range and high knockback, also makes it more bigger when the button is held.
  • Buff Jumping height has been increased.
  • Nerf His back throw appears to have some start-up lag.
  • Nerf Haste now leaves him helpless.
  • Nerf His down smash now loses 2 frames after peforming the move.
  • Nerf Due to his shorter arms, he makes him hard to grab the opponent.
  • Nerf His up tilt is significantly slower and does less 3% damage.
  • Nerf His Falling Speed is slower
  • Notice Black Mage now uses his Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift appearance, which makes him taller, rather than smaller like in Super Smash Flash 2.
  • Notice Black Mage now gets his speed increased to 5+ after peforming Haste.

Pros & Cons




Meteor, as seen in the game's main logo.

Victory Music

Victory Fanfare - Final Fantasy IV.

Kirby Hat

Black Mage's Hat.

When Chosen

The Final Fantasy fanfare plays.

Exclusive stickers





Wiimote Sound


Classic Mode


Snake Codec


Role In SSE



Colors & Costumes


  • Black Mage is the only character whose fully charged smash attacks are different from his semi-charged smash attacks.
  • Black Mage is the character who stops for the longest time after a dash attack.
  • Black Mage is the only character whose throw (down) makes the opponent gain percentage even after been thrown a long time before.

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