Colonel Mael Radec
"The essence of combat: Kill or be killed!"
Universe Unknown
Debut Killzone 2(2009)
Appears in Elite Warrior Battle Royale
Friends Hitler
Mr Freeze
Captain Hook
Mecha Sonic
Parasoul (Girlfriend)
Inner Moka Akashiya
Enemies Toon Meta Knight
Princess Luna
Stan Smith
Kain Highwind
Sir Daniel Fortesque
Master Chief
Tsukune Aono
Nemesis-T Type
Pyramid Head
Icon of Sin
Lawl Team Team Elite

Special Moves

Neutral B - StA3 Light Machine Gun

Radec fires blasts shot from his machine gun. The gun's bullets do minor damage and knockback. After 6 seconds or pressing B, you will pauses to reload a new clip, taking 2 second to not spam alot.

Side B - VC21 Bolt Gun

Radec fires an explosive bolt which detonates after latching onto a opponent. The closer an enemy is when hit, the longer they will be stunned. While shooting, you can also aim the bolts by moving.

Up B - StA-X6 Jetpack

Radec equips himself with the jetpack and flies. The jetpack will make you fly for 3 seconds while using the joystick to move. StA3 Light Machine Gun can also be used in conjunction with this.

Down B - M327 Grenade Launcher

Radec points a grenade launcher down to the ground and fires. You can only place up to 2 grenade in the field at the same time. The grenade will detonate up to 6 second or upon contact with an opponent.

Final Smash A - StA-X6 Jetpack

Radec use the jetpack for his and flies into the foreground to fire on opponents from a first person perspective with Two Machine Gun. During this final smash, you uses the joystick to moves the scope around. Pressing B will fire a shot to land major damage. The Machine Gun can fire up to four clips with 12 shota; after firing will loads a new clip. The final smash ends after 35 seconds or after all shots have been fired.

Final Smash B - MAWLR

Radec gives off a MAWLR to shoot at all of the opponent in the background. The MAWLR will fire missiles at the combatants, each other doing major damage to the opponents(Expect to Colonal Radec). The final smash ends after 30 seconds of if all the opponents are KO's.



Victories/Lose Pose


Other Attacks


Character Description

Colonel Mael Radec is a brilliant tactician who leads his troops from the front. His unwavering focus on victory at any cost has made the conquest of Helghast a formidable task for the ISA. He brings that same ruthlessness to personal combat, where he is the human personification of a shark, all of his training focused to a singular purpose: the destruction of his enemy.

Classic Mode


Snake Codec


Role in Subspace Emmisary








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