Evil Lucas McLightning
Dark Lucas McLightning
On a mission... to DESTROY.
Universe Smash Bros. Lawl
Debut Smash Bros. Raw
Appears in Smash Bros. Raw
Friends Mephiles the Dark ("Father")
Evil Amy Rose ("Mother")
Scanty & Kneesocks
Enemies Lucas McLightning (Main Rival)
Ebony the Hedgehuman
Everybody else in Antelope High
Lawl Team Team Raw

Dark Lucas McLightning is an original character in Smash Bros. Raw. He is an evil clone of Lucas McLightning created by Mephiles the Dark & Evil Amy Rose.

Special Moves

NS: Dark Pulse Dark Lucas fires a slow, kinetic pulse forward, similar to Din's Fire. The only difference is that it shocks people, like The King's Tri-Force of Courage.

SS: Rage Punch A combination between the Falcon Punch and Evil Cole's Giga Punch from PSASBR. For as long as Side B is held, Dark Lucas will charge up a powerful punch while going, "RAAAAAAAAAAAGGEE" When it is released, He'll do a powerful punch, doing more damage the more it is charged. If you charge it for 5 seconds, Dark Lucas will store the power in his arm. You are then able to walk or jump around freely. Press Side B again to do a super powerful punch (He yells, "PUNCH!" during the punch, duh.) However, if it is not used in 6 seconds, it disappears.

US: Blaze Works like Frollo's Hell Dragger, except aimed upward.

DS: Firebrand Like Wario Waft, Dark Lucas constantly is charging up this move. When charged and pressed, Dark Lucas will be engulfed in a massive flame, similar to Toon Guile's Down B. However, the flame works like the fires made from Aya's Side B, where opponents will get sucked into the fire and take rapid damage. Press B to eject opponents out (This stops the move, also.) He also takes 3% damage during startup. If it isn't charged, nothing happens.

FS: Fire Beam A clone of his father's Final Smash. Dark Lucas will fire a huge stream of fire forward. Any opponents caught in it will take rapid damage. While firing, he will yell, "Before you are terminated, what is the first thing you will do? Oh, I know. DIE!" When he says, "DIE" he will release a final blast, sending the opponents flying.

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