Elsewhere in the world again, in the middle of a vast, in a another dimensions, a Half human, half Ruffian named Saki Amamiya is walking into the Inter Space, watching The XYZ Ship shoot ice cannon far out in the distance. Saki races to investigate whatever destructive plot is transpiring. When he reaches the Another Dimensions, Jack Frost suddenly flies in and attacks Saki, each momentarily assuming that the other is a member of the XYZ Army. The two duel briefly, but they soon find themselves surrounded by the Helghan, showing each other very clearly and quickly that they aren't enemies. Saki and Jack team up to battle and clear out the wave of grunts, and shortly afterward, the they catch sight of Daroach. They desperately try to catch up to him, but are unable to; Out of nowhere, a fellow swordsman named Snake Eyes makes an appearance and attacks with his sword technique, sending Daroach whirling off into the sky. Snake Eyes joins the other two, and they immediately resume their pursuit of Daroach.

By this point, On a remote road, Taizo Hori underlings find, subdue, and unfroze Lance by hitting it, and it still fail. Just as Taizo was finishes this, he sees Gyro sleeping with both a frozen Bloom and of Z.W.E.I. And a frozen Lance alone on the road, and when Gyro tries to collect the apparent freebie, Taizo finds a unfreezing Prowler dust, takes away Bloom, Z.W.E.I. And Lance, and then beating the living hell out of GyroHedgie453.

Characters Appears

Playable Characters

as Non-Playable characters (or Challengers)

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