Dimension D. Dimentio
"Master of dimensions... Pleaser of crowds... I am... Dimentio!”
Universe Nintendo
Debut Super Paper Mario
Appears in Elite Warrior Battle Royale
Super 'Net Bros. Replay
Friends Daroach
The Joker
Enemies Paper Mario
MMD Notepad
Lawl Team Team Elite


Dimensional Flip

Dimentio flips onto the battlefield from another dimension.

Special Attacks

Team Elite

Neutral B - Magic Blast

Dimentio charges up a growing orb of concentrated energy between his hands. In theory, this move is similar to Samus's Charge Shot or Lucario's Aura Sphere, however, increasing its size not only increases the orb's power, but it slows the orb down. This means smaller orbs can travel much faster across the stage, similar in speed to Fox's Blaster attack. Dimentio's Magic Blast can travel through obstacles, but will still be absorbed when it damages an opponent.

Side B - Starburst

Dimentio sends out a fast-moving, flashing star that he can move around the stage by using the analog stick after using this attack. When B is released, the star will remain stationary where it is until the attack is used a second time. By using this attack again after positioning a star, it will detonate and inflict a small amount of damage and knockback to players within its short radius. Only one Starburst can be active at a time, and will disappear if Dimentio is KO'd.

Up B - Dimension Flip

A rectangular shape appears behind Dimentio with a far end of it directly behind him. Immediately after initiating this move, the player can use the analog stick to choose one of the four compass direction that this rectangle will lead. Afterwards, the rectangle will flip on its center axis and reverse the positions of Dimentio and all other players and objects within its vacinity. After the first one however, Dimentio can immediately perform the move a second time in a fashion similar to Pikachu's Quick Attack by selecting another direction. This move does not cause any damage.

Down B - Dimentio Copy

Dimentio spins as he casts a spell upon himself, creating a silouhette of himself in his exact position. This copy can absorb any attack or projectile for up to 10% damage, but it's main usefulness comes in the form of acting as a warp point for Dimentio. When he uses his down special a second time, Dimentio can instantly warp to this location. The warp takes a brief second however and can be cancelled if the copy is destroyed.

Final Smash - Super Dimentio

A Chaos Heart appears above Dimentio as he comes into contact with it, then suddenly grows enormous as he enters the near background. From the background, Super Dimentio can aim a movable crosshair about the stage and fire flashing, square projectiles where he chooses. These projectiles can each cause between 18% to 24% damage to his targets and aren't all that easily avoidable. After firing a total of five shots, or after eight seconds, Dimentio will return to his normal form and continue the fight from there.

Team 'Net Bros.

Neutral B - Star Projectile

Dimentio will launch a star-shaped projectile in whatever direction the player chooses after aiming. If the player does not release B after 5 seconds, Dimentio will launch the projectile. If used in the air, the projectile will always launch downward at a diagonal in the direction Dimentio is facing. The projectile itself does 5-10% of damage. However, since the projectile charges while aiming, a fully-charged projectile can deal 15-20% of damage.

Side B - Invisibility

Dimentio will turn invisible for 15-20 seconds. This has no effect on any opponents. The move can be cancelled early if Dimentio attacks an opponent or an opponent attacks him.

Up B - Teleport

Dimentio will quickly teleport to a random location in a certain range. Anyone who makes contact with Dimentio at either end of the attack recieves 5% of damage. Since the location of where Dimentio teleports to is completely random, he might end up in a situation where he could be KO'd.

Down B - Catch Card

Dimentio will get out a Catch Card of a random opponent. This deals 7% of damage and disables a random B move. Final Smashes and A moves are unaffected by the disabling factor. The disabling effect lasts 30 seconds or until the opponent under the effect is KO'd. Only one opponent can be affacted at a time, and using Dimentio's Down B again will pass the effect to a different opponent.

Final Smash - The Ultimate Show

Dimentio will bring out the Chaos Heart and turn into Super Dimentio. As Super Dimentio, pressing B will cause a random magic attack, while pressing A will either cause Super Dimentio to stomp creating an earthquake that deals 14-20% of damage or punch the nearest opponent which deals 10-18% of damage. The player can move freely during the 30 seconds that the move lasts.





Screen KOSFX:


Up: *sends a shimmer of darkness overhead which then trickles down*

Sd: *3 dark orbs arise from the ground and rotate around, get absorbed by Dimentio as he chuckles*

Dn: *flips to another dimension, then back*

Victory Options+Failure/Clap


Standard Attacks


Snake Codec


Character Description

Dimentio is a magical jester and the true main antagonist in Super Paper Mario. His name appears to be a pun on dementia, referring to his apparent insanity, and dimension, the planes of existence which he can manipulate (an ability he shares with Merloo). Initially a minion of Count Bleck, Dimentio is a powerful mercenary magician capable of several feats, such as teleportation, duplication, and invisibility. Like Mario and Mimi, he has the power to flip between dimensions, and is in control of a dimension of his own, Dimension D. Dimentio is one of the four main minions of Count Bleck's Army (who serve as major bosses throughout the game), along with O'Chunks, Mimi, and to a lesser degree, Mr. L, who are the strongest minions of Count Bleck. While no concrete information has been provided, one of Carson's stories implies that Dimentio is the descendant of the magician who created the Pixls.

Classic Mode


Role in SSE



Colors & Costumes


Victory Theme

SSBB - Mario Victory Theme


Dark Star






Super 'Net Bros01:12

Super 'Net Bros. Replay - Dimentio

Dimentio's Moveset

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