National Pokédex Number

Number 132


Transform Pokémon






Very Rare

Ditto (Japanese: メタモン Metamon) is a Normal-type Pokémon. It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon. In Super Lawl, Ditto appears as one of the many Pokémon that can be released from a Poké Ball to aid the player.

Pokémon description

In its natural state, Ditto is a light purple or magenta free-form shape blob with vestigial facial features. It also appears to have two vestigial, handless 'arms' protruding from its body. It is capable of transforming into an exact replica of any physical object. However, if Ditto tries to transform into something based on memory, it may get some of the details wrong. The anime has shown that occasionally a Ditto cannot change its face. Ditto will also be unable to remain in a transformed state if it starts laughing. Ditto cannot mimic the strength of another Pokémon, but it will adapt the form and abilities of its foe. When two Ditto meet in the wild, they will attempt to transform into each other. Ditto will also transform into a rock when sleeping to avoid attack. Ditto is never far from civilization or people.

In Super Lawl

As stated above, Ditto can be released from a Poké Ball in Super Lawl. Once it is released, it uses Transform to copy the opponent's moveset. It lasts for 15 seconds.


  • Smosh made a video about him by comparing him to the Thing Movie. Watch it Here

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