A stage for Elite

As Nariko was standing in Fearless, The Bohan's Army, along with The Tartarkens, Koopa, and The Helghan attack the Village, Killing people and Freezing the area. Nariko face King Koopa, but was Knocked Out in the Progress. After Waking Up inside the landing XYZ Ship, Nariko see Pinkie Pie trap in, trying to cheer up other pony that are in prison. Nariko had to beat up Pinkie Pie to keep them Quiet, Before finding the exit room into Fearless, Where Raven Lord die, possibly that Raven was about to betrayed The XYZ Army to get Loc-Nar all to hisself. And after getting beaten, Pinkie Pie had only One Mission: To make Nariko feel like Gilda. She was off to Fight Many of The Bohan's Army, Only to come across Ogre in a WipEout's Race. After defeating him, Once of the racer in WipEout try to clam Pinkie Pie, because his think that Nariko doesn't as fun and happy when compeer to her, Tommy Wiseeau then random appear and say "If a lot of people can love each, the world would be a much better place". Pinkie Pie got scared and run away, as Ogre turn into True Ogre, and Once of the racer get Tommy Wiseau and drive into the desert.

Characters Appears

as Playable characters

as Non-Playable characters (or Challengers)

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