Gabe Newell
"Hopefully, It will be worth the wait"
Universe Real World
Debut Valve
Appears in Smash Bros Lawl 4D
Friends Scout
Enemies Gordon Freeman (for not making Half-Life 3)
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team 4D


The Chosen One

Gaben descends to the battlefield as a choir of angels sing. He lands with an explosion.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Ban Hammer

Gaben smashes the opponent with the Pyro's Ban Hammer. While it works with pretty good knockback, every 10% you take from the opponent, he/she will go into a stunned state. The more damage Gaben has, the longer this stunning bit lasts. 10% = 2-3 sec., 20% = 5-6 sec., 30% = 8-9 sec., you get the idea. It stops at 15 seconds and allows the Ban Hammer to bring in more of the hurt.

Side B - Gravity Gun

Gaben makes use of the iconic weapon from Half-Life 2. It works like other specials. Like R.O.B. laser blast, you need to wait awhile to get the full effect. You can only throw the opponent forward or up. any spam and you'll lose knockback dealt by it. You can combine this with the Ban Hammer to make KO-ing a breeze.

Up B - Fly Me to the Gaben

Gaben rides up on his...rocket platform...thing, and can only go forwards and upwards. This is made up by the large damage output from it. It stops after 5 seconds or upon pressing B.

Down B - There is No 3

Gaben says, "Three great games," and glows one of three different colors. Each color gives Gaben a different effect. Red (40% chance) allows Gaben's standard attacks to do twice as much damage for 30 seconds. Orange (40% chance) heals 10-20% damage, simply. Gold (20% chance) quadruples the damage and knockback of ALL of Gaben's attacks for a whole minute.

Final Smash - Backstab

Gaben says that his favorite TF2 class is the Spy, then knocks out a light. The only thing that can be heard is a backstab and an instant KO-ing of a random character, ending with the Spy's laugh. Video game characters in a match will be more likely to be backstabbed, like R.Q. Michael's more likely to be backstabbed than Jon Taffer.


KOSFX1: "Oww..."

KOSFX2: "Uhh..."

Star KOSFX: "That's what I get for working at Microsoft."

Screen KOSFX: "No..."


Up: "Gaben."

Sd: "I'm Gabe Newell."

Dn: "This isn't working."

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. *laid in a foxy pose around his Steam game price cuts as fire burns in front of him*

2. *shows a book and leaves*

3. (vs. console peasants, mostly) "You'll never get Half-Life 3."

Failure/Clap: Seated in despair

Standard Attacks


Snake Codec


Character Description

Role in SSE







Smash Bros Lawl 4D Character Moveset- Gabe Newell03:02

Smash Bros Lawl 4D Character Moveset- Gabe Newell

"Gabe Newell in Lawl confirmed!"

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