Hard Hat
Hard Hat
A heroic Metool
Universe Capcom/Damaged Games
Debut Hard Hat I
Appears in Super Lawl
Friends Toon Wily(Formely)
Toon Mega Man
Mega Man
Enemies Toon Wily
Lawl Team Team Super Lawl


Netrual B: Shield deflect

Hard Hat sits down (Like in every Mega Man Games). This will deflect the enemy's projectile & bounce to his opponent (8% Damage).

Side B: Pellet Shot

Like the Metools. Hard Hat shoots a pellet (11%). But if you charge up the attack, He can shoot 3 Pellets Up, Straight & Down (17%).

Up B: Met Copter

Hard Hat will does a copter that flies up. You know prevent you from falling.

Down B: Weapon Switch

Hard Hat will choose 4 diffirent weapons that will replace Pellet Shot.

Spike Spear (From Hard Hat III)

A weapon got from Spike Man, this attack has a shortly reach, Gives 9-14% Damage. The Only attack that you can't charge.

Pharaoh Shot (From Hard Hart I & Mega Man 4)

A weapon got from Pharaoh Man, It fires a small fireball (5-9%). While charging, a large fireball forms over Hard Hat's head, which can damage enemies who comes into contact (11-15%).

Bouncing Bubble (From Hard Hat IV)

A weapon got from Sea Man, it fires a bouncing bubble (7-11%). If you charge the attack, it creates a bubble shield  (11-15%).

Baseball Boomerang (From Hard Hat II)

A weapon got from Baseball Man, it throws a baseball bat like boomerang (12-17%). is also unchargable.

Final Smash: Met Man

Hard Hat transformed into Met Man & does a giant laser attack (120%). The only attack that is not from 4 Hard Hat Games.


(He's Silent)


Up Taunt: Sits down & raises his helmet.

Side Taunt: Same

Down Taunt: Same



Character Description

Hard Hat was a Metool who's originally work for Dr.Wily, but not anymore. So he decided to became a hero & defeat Dr.Wily.

Other Attacks

Ground attacks


Neutral attack - 

Dash attack - 

Forward tilt -

Up tilt - 

Down tilt -


Forward smash -

Up smash -

Down smash -


Ledge attack -

100% ledge attack -

Floor attack -

Trip attack -

Aerial attacks

Neutral aerial -

Forward aerial -

Back aerial -

Up aerial -

Down aerial -

Grabs and throws

Grab -

Pummel -

Forward throw -

Back throw -

Up throw -

Down throw -

Snake Codec


Role in Subspace Emissary





  • Hard Hat makes his actual apperance in The Hard Hat Series, made by Damaged Games

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