Hayoto Kanzaki
Universe Capcom
Debut Star Gladiator(1996)
Appears in Elite Warrior Battle Royale
Friends Megaman Volnutt
Future Trunks
Samurai Jack
Batsu Ichimonji
Enemies Steven Star
Jin Kazama
Bonanza Brothers
Cole MacGrath
Lawl Team Team Elite

Special Moves

Neutral B - Hien (Flying Swallow)

Hayato perform A spinning slash to the opponent. If you used on the ground, you will have a bit more range and opponents will be hit away quite a distance, but will not suck in opponents. If you used in midair, you attack with 5 hits, the last having considerable knockback to it.

Side B - Dokuryuu (Single Dragon)

Hayato dose a Running command and slashes the opponent outward. The attack sends you upward around 35 degrees. Dokuryuu cause electrified and deals considerable damage while stunning the enemy, as well as causing knockback.

Up B - Guren + Dai Oiuchi Kougeki (Crimson Lotus + Big Finishing Power Attack)

Hayato slashes upward in the air vertically with his plasma sword, then perform a dive and stabs the opponent downward in midair. This move has 2 step when pressing B. The first step will send you into the air, and the second step will drop you doen at whatever location your on.

Down B - Plasma Field

Hayato gathers energy and releases a spherical energy field around him. All of your basic and special attack are increase slightly to deal more damage. It last until 20 second. You can only use this move 5 time until you lose a stock.

Final Smash - Urarasetsu-Giri (Reverse Silk Slicing Cutter)

Hayato will proceed to grab his opponent with a deep stab, if he suceeds the entire screen turns black and he will slash the opponent multiple times. Once the screen turns back to normal with Hayato in his Black Hayato form as the final blow. Whoever it grab by Hayato appears will be hit by the rest of the move. This move deal doing about 60% damage, and the final blow can send opponent flying, and causin high knockback. If you dosen't grab the opponent, you will stay in place until the end of the smash. Black-out for a few, then the Enemy get knocked out.



Victories/Lose Pose


Other Attacks


Character Description

Abandoned by his parents as a young child, Hayato was found wandering the streets of Neo Tokyo by a female owner of a local orphanage. She raised Hayato as well as many other disadvantaged children in her own time, but in doing so, she fell deeply into debt. Upon growing up into an adult, Hayato had vowed to help the owner get out of debt. Unable to find other work from within the city, Hayato had reluctantly became a bounty hunter in order to gain easy money so that he could help support the orphanage. One day, Hayato had discovered an ad offering a huge reward to join a project called Star Gladiator and realizing that this was his chance to help the owner and the orphanage out, Hayato had joined the project without any hesitation or second thought. From within this point, Hayato would meet up with his future girlfriend June and his future friends Saturn and Gamof from within the project and that the four of them would find themselves battling against Bilstein and the Fourth Empire.

One year later from within the events of Plasma Sword (Star Gladiator 2), Hayato has become a successful bounty hunter and has settled down with June, spending his days peacefully in rebuilding the orphanage with the bounties he has earned. One day after coming back home from another successful bounty hunting mission, Hayato is shocked to learn that June has suddenly disappeared and that his friends had told him on what had happened. Realizing that Bilstein is behind the unexpected situation, Hayato sets out to find June and to finish things with Bilstein once and for all.

Classic Mode


Snake Codec


Role in Subspace Emmisary








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