Heartless hires
The Heartless (ハートレス Hātoresu) are from the Game Kingdom Hearts. are Beings of darkness that manifest in two forms, "Pureblood" and "Emblem". While most Heartless are in fact manifested hearts, they behave entirely devoid of emotion, and thus were named "Heartless".







Darkside KH
The Darkside is a Pureblood Heartless that makes an appearance in every Kingdom Hearts game.
  • The Darkside punches the ground, causing a dark pool and mild shockwave to form. This attack gives birth to a small number of Shadows
  • The Darkside creates a dark force in the heart-shaped hole in its body, which fires dark homing missiles
  • The Darkside scoops up an orb of darkness, which splits into many smaller orbs that rain from the sky

Guard Armor

375px-Guard Armor KH
The Guard Armor is an Emblem Heartless that is found in Kingdom Hearts.
  • The Guard Armor's gauntlets spin around trying to hit
  • The Hammerlegs stomp around to hit
  • The Armored Torso spins around at high speed
  • The Guard Armor jumps into the air and body slams
  • The Armored rearranges its body to give it the appearance of a cannon and shoots energy blasts from the torso

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