Hentai Woody
Hentai Woody
Universe Disney
Debut Futaba Channel's toy
Appears in Lawl Equinox
Friends Quagmire
Rape-It Roger
Princess Molestia
Pillow (tag partner and best friend)
Enemies Woody and Buzz Lightyear
Konata Izumi
Haruhi Suzumiya
Ritsu Tainaka
Tomo Takino
Amy Rose
Madoka Kaname
Miku Hatsune
Old Gregg
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team Equinox


The Hentai is Begin!

Hentai Woody is on the offscreen and say "Hello" and jump on the Stage.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Plastic Dildo Gun

Hentai Woody shoots what was just described at the opponent (10% damage). If the opponent got hit from behind, the damage goes up to 29%.

Side B - Stab 'n Rape

Hentai Woody stabs the opponent through (10% damage) and then gets behind them and rapes the opponent on ground 3 times repeatly (5%-10%-20% damage)

Inspiration Clip:

Up B - Molestia

He flies up with Princess Molestia for 5 seconds. If he lands on an opponent, he rapes them 5 times repeatly (3% damage per hit).

Down B - Camera

Hentai Woody slides while taking a photo of the opponent, stunning him/her. (14%) Like J. Jonah Jameson when he Hire a Lawlers to take a photo because Hentai Woody can pick up photo if theres like: Panty's Ramdom Dance Pole, Female's Smash Attacks and other things Hentai Woody was been Cured of (18%) and Stun Him for 3 Secs.

Final Smash- Final Hentai Form

Similar to Giga Bowser's final smash, all the censor bars fuse into one. You'll then see a big censor bar with Hentai Woody's head in too. He cannot be flinched and his attacks increase power by 50% extra damage.





Star KOSFX: Rrrraaahhhhhhh!!!

Screen KOSFX: Ow!


Up: Points to his croutch.

Sd: "There's a snake in your butt!"

Dn: "Everybody gets raped!

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. *Imitate Guile*

2. Praise Jesus!

3. *Rapes Soldier*

Failure/Clap: *faps to himself, all lonely with a dick-shaped toy*

Character Description

Hentai Woody (Japanese: 変態ウッディー), also known as “Creepy Woody”, is a series of photos featuring a Revoltech Woody action figure posed in erotic, creepy and perverted scenarios.

In 2006, Japanese toy company Kaiyodo released their Revoltech line of collector-oriented toys that consisted mainly of Anime figures. In 2010, Kaiyodo broadened their variety of toys with a new subline called the Sci-Fi (Tokusatsu) Revoltech series. This line focused on iconic characters from Japanese and American film and television series like Mothra, Gamera, the Alien, Jack Skellington, and Batman. In March of 2010, Kaiyodo unveiled prototypes of Buzz Lightyear and Sheriff Woody from the Toy Story movies. Like most Revoltech toys, the Woody figures had an alternate faceplate to choose from.

Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

  • Neutral attack- TBA
  • Dash Attack- TBA
  • Side Tilt- TBA
  • Up Tilt- TBA
  • Down Tilt- TBA


  • Side- TBA
  • Up- TBA
  • Down- TBA


  • Ledge attack: TBA
  • 100% ledge attack: TBA
  • Ground attack: TBA
  • Trip attack: TBA

Grab, Throws

  • Grab- Long Arms
  • Pummel- Whips
  • Forward- TBA
  • Backward- Turn at the opponent and then he Backstab
  • Up- TBA
  • Down- Buttsecks


  • Neutral- TBA
  • Forward- TBA
  • Backward- TBA
  • Up- TBA
  • Down- TBA

Snake Codec

Role In The Subspace Emissary

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