Hyrule is a subspace emissary stage in Smash Bros Lawl. and home to King Harkinian.


(Spoiler warning)

It starts with I.M. Meen visiting The King's castle because he wants the King to bow down to Meen. However, the King refuses and gets into a match with I.M. Meen. The loser then gets turned into a trophy. Suddenly, the Halberd appears and drops some Subspace Army soldiers in front of the castle. The victor revives the trophied loser, and both team up to fight the invaders. The duo wins, but the shadow bugs creep toward a large King statue and possess it. After destroying the King statue, the King and Meen chase the Halberd with the King's carriage.

Later, the heroes arrive at a cave, which, according to the King, is the only way to follow the ship. Meen refuses to go in because he is frightened of the darkness of the cave, but the King grabs him by the arm and drags him in. They find an exit blocked with rocks, which are blasted away by the King's Dinner Blaster. However, Glutko drops down and fights the duo, but is defeated. Then the King and Meen continue their chase of the Halberd.

Back at the King's castle, two R.O.B.s detonate a Subspace Bomb and engulf most of Hyrule. I.M. Meen laughs goofily before he gets punched by the King.

(End of spoilers)

Super Lawl

Before Hyrule was exploded, Link had a breakfast for the King, Zelda , Morshu , and Gwonam , but it was interrupted by I.M. Meen, so Link and his friends are watching The King and I.M. Meen fighting themselfs. Later at King's Castle, Link and his friends are screaming like bitches because Hyrule is going to exploded, but there are saved by Steven Star (Ecxpet Gwonam, because he has a flying carpet), there's also a surviver named Link Nukem. LK decided to espace Hyrule with his Octorock friend before it explodes.

Characters Appears

Playable Characters




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