Kruel KOs are mainly stage fatalities semi-inspired by Mortal Kombat. To perform a Kruel KO

  • Your opponent must be at his/her last stock with at least 120% on the damage counter. (be sure you've terminated the other opponents with extreme prejudice)
  • You must KO him/her horizontally, upwards, or downwards depending on the stage's terrain
  • Your damage counter must be under 120%


  • Meen's Lair - The opponent gets launched into a cell with fires roaring at each side while the gate shuts
  • Mado's Balcony - The opponent falls down from the building and lands hard onto the ground.
  • Epic Sax Stage - The opponent lands in Epic Sax Guy's huge speakers, causing him to play his music with it's pitch going higher, causing the speakers to explode.

Lawl with Garterbelt

  • Morioh - The opponent is dragged by the hands in Reimi's alley to the world of the dead (or hell as it is known).
  • Hectare Highschool Gym - The opponent is thrown into the back of a car similar to what happened with Max Waker. The car then starts up and the unfortunate chap is driving away into a downhill road (likely going to crash).

Lawl Superior

The opponent is shredded by the upside-down bike and what's left of them is put in a can (hence the game's name) with their name and stock icon on it.

Lawl Galaxy

  • Polybian Triumverate - The opponent first flies forth at a speed that would be near that of light in Earth's atmosphere. He/she is then smacked away by an asteroid from the vector arcade classic known as Asteroids. After that, the opponent crashes into one of the barriers from Space Invaders and is then abducted by the bonus ship. Finally, the mother ship crashes into the bizarre line core, which will flash a seizure-semi-inducing display onto the opponent, causing him/her to explode.

Cpend7's Idea

  • Cpend7's House - The Opponent get launched into a Road and get Ram by a Car, Truck and Bus