The sun of all evil by stevenstar777-d5nlwvh
Universe Heavy Metal
Debut Heavy Metal(1981)
Heavy Metal 2000
Appears in Elite Warrior Battle Royale
Friends Unknown
Enemies Everyone
Lawl Team Team Elite

The Sun of All Evil is the main villain from the movie, Heavy Metal.

The Loc-Nar is the framing device which holds Heavy Metal together. It has a variable size, but generally maintains a spherical shape.

It menaces the Girl in Grimaldi's house after turning the older man into biological waste. In fact, the Loc-Nar likes turning beings it dislikes into organic sludge (Harry Canyon). Or teleports them (Den). Or mutates them into a form more servile to its needs (Taarna).

The Loc-Nar is ultimately destroyed by the Girl, who turns out to be a Taarakian.

Elite Warrior Battle Royale

After defeating you rival, the player witnesses the rival become Lost Friend and see the review Loc-Nar, with try new battle armor, sending out full 100% of his power to fight the opponent. After an epic collade of Polygon Man (PSASBR) and Ogre (Tekken) inspired battle, Loc-Nar gets destroy, like in the end of Heavy Metal, as a cutscene occurs where the character, gaining Loc-Nar's power without getting kill and setting strange thing from this world.

He'll start fighting by mimicking the other character's Movesets, One you give his health to 2/3, He'll try to crush you, but gives electric. Once he is electric, attack him until parts of him breaks. Then he use a different Moveset by getting hazards in the stage. Once do the same thing as before when his health is 1/3. After that, hedoes the same thing as in the 2nd phase, expert he send out 2 Invaded Cores Copying Version of a Fighter. Do the Same and finish him off.

If you won, Loc-Nar proclaims, "How could this happen? None have beaten me, until now!", and ultimately destroyed before disappearing. The selected character then absorbs Loc-Nar's power.

If Loc-Nar Won, He says "This is just the beginning!", then laughs as your character, 

Theme (Classic Mode):


  • In Heavy Metal 2000, Loc-Nar took a form of a crystal.
  • Vegus is the responsible for giving Loc-Nar a body armor.

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