Mega Man
The Blue Bomber
Universe Capcom
Debut Mega Man
Appears in Lol
Friends Same
Enemies Same
Lawl Team Team Lol

The prototype for Super Smash Bros. Lol


Neutral B: Mega Buster

Same as the original one & the Crusade one.

Side B: Mega Punch

Gives 9-13% Damage

Up B: Mega Launch

Same damage as Mega Punch

Down B: Slide

Gives 7-11% Damage

Final Smash: Ultra Busta

Gives 112% Damage


Victory 1: Blows a raspberry. From Marvel vs Capcom 1 and 2.

Victory 2: Dances with arms raised

Victory 3: Dances

Lose: Defeated


  • This is the first character that doesn't have KO sounds & Taunts
  • It is the first video prototype of a lawl spinoff.
  • Walkthroughepicness, (the creator of the moveset) announced the he himself, hated the moveset


Mega smash bros ( custom moveset mega man)01:47

Mega smash bros ( custom moveset mega man)

Mega Man's Moveset

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