Painwheel skullgirls
Universe Reverge Labs, Autumn Games and Konami
Debut Skullgirls(2012)
Appears in Elite Warrior Battle Royale
Friends Filia
Steven Star
Enemies Brain Drain
Lawl Team Team Elite

Painwheel (JP: ペインホイール) was once a sweet, caring school girl named Carol (JP: キャロル) before she was kidnapped and transformed into the monster that she is now by Valentine and Brain Drain.

Special Moves

Nuetral B - Gae Bolga Stinger

Painwheel fires poisonous darts out of her hand. Can be charged.

Side B - Buer Reaper

Painwheel uses her giant wheel to form a hand that attempts to grab the enemy. If it connencts, Painwheel will charge into the enemy.

Up B - Flight

Painwheel spins the wheel on her back like a helicopter propeller.

Down B - Pinion Dash

Works similarly to Sonic's Spin Dash. Painwheel will spin her wheel as fast as the player mashes the button. Upon releasing, she will fly forward, but unlike Sonic, she has common sense as to not go off a cliff.

Final Smash - Hatred Install

Painwheel releases her consciousness as she goes into a blinded rage, giving her an increase in strength and speed for a limited amount of time.



Victories/Lose Pose


Other Attacks


Character Description


Classic Mode


Snake Codec


Role in Subspace Emmisary



PW Palettes

Painwheel's Color Palettes

Color Palettes

  1. Default colors
  2. Original colors
  3. Original colors
  4. Original colors
  5. Original colors
  6. Original colors
  7. Brain Drain
  8. Valentine
  9. Kamen Rider (Kamen Rider series)
  10. Original colors
  11. Day of the Dead
  12. Sentinel (Marvel Comics: The X-Men (vol. 1) #14)
  13. Original colors
  14. Vega (Claw) (Street Fighter series)
  15. Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)
  16. EVA-01 (Rebuild design) (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  17. Haku (Naruto)
  18. Basara (Samurai Shodown series)
  19. "Mango Sentinel" (Marvel vs. Capcom 2) - Indiegogo backer color
  20. Original colors - Indiegogo backer color
  21. Rozalin? (Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories) - Indiegogo backer color
  22. Spider-Man (The Amazing Spider-Man)
  23. Original colors
  24. Nemo (Commissioned fan character) - Indiegogo backer color
  25. Monster Ryūko (Kill La Kill)





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