A special item thar when a character uses the special item, you'll be almost indestructible. you'll now take less damage, your power, speed, and defense will increase by double. and you'll look pretty cool, but in a strange color scheme to boot.


Pandora Box

This item can also be used during Sub-Boss Battles, exincluding the actual Boss Battles.

Character Details

Pandora I.M. Meen

Pandora Rasputin

Pandora John

Pandora Cosmo

Pandora Lydia Prower

Pandora Pen

Pandora Tobuscus

Pandora PewDiePie

Pandora Daneboe

Pandora Mighty Hercules

Pandora Cpend7

Pandora Cpend7 is Realy Hard he have great Speed and Power

Pandora Agito90

Pandora Pinkie Pie

Pandora Rainbow Dash

Pandora Fluttershy

Pandora Steven Star

Pandora Henry Stickman

Pandora Steve


Pandora ASDF Man

Pandora Sonic (X)

Pandora DJ Pon-3

Pandora PSY

Pandora Joseph D. Francis

Pandora Elizabith

Pandora Panty

Pandora Stocking

Pandora Stranger

Pandora Abe

Pandora Zero

Pandora Megaman

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