Team Power:

Austin Hargrave
Universe Youtube
Debut PeanutButterGamer
Appears in Smash Bros. Lawl Attitude
Friends JonTron
Lydia Prower
Arthur Read (His Childhood Character)
Enemies Firelord
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team Attitude

Team Power

Entrance: Classic intro

PBG says his intro ("Hey everybody! I'm PeanutButterGamer)

Neutral B: Crowbar

Austin gets the crowbar from MySims Agents. You can do various things with this little tool: Hit stuff (DUH!), disable traps and throw it at opponents. If an opponent gives you a strong enough attack, it'll knock out of your hands and they'll use it.

Side B: Duck hunt

Austin gets out the gun from duck hunt and a duck toy. He then shoots any opponent in the direction of your choosing. This is similar to Mormon Jesus' side B except one thing: a target appears in front of the gun making it easier to aim.

Up B: I believe I can fly

A random hockey player from NHL 13 appears and knocks into him, making him fly at incredible distances. If a player hits said hockey player, it'll get knocked out. however, you can always do it again and again if this happens.

Down B: candy bar

PBG eats a candy bar, healing him by 5%. If you do it again, however, he relizes it's a peanut butter one and throws it, You can, however, throw it at one of the opponents. If the pick it up, Austin will then hit the opponent knocking it out of there hands. If you pick it up you just throw it again in whatever directio you're facing.

Final Smash: Charles

PBens turns into PBJeebus (A.K.A Charles) You're obviosly invinceable, you can also strike opponents with thunder with A giving them HUGE knockback. When all opponents are dead, or after 20 seconds, he turns back into his good ol' self.

KO sounds:

1: *Groans

2: "Hey!"

Star: *Screams

Screen: "OW!"


up: "heh heh heh Got em!"

down: *fists the air with the Earthbound victory sound in background

Side: "I've had enough of this shiz"

Victory sounds:

1: (0:45-56)

2: "YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY (super high pitched) I can't go any higher than this

3: "Yes! Victory!"

Losing: *curls on the floor, crying