Pencil and Match
Universe Battle for Dream Island
Debut Battle for Dream Island
Appears in Smash Brothers Superior
Friends Eraser & Pen
Panty & Stocking
Ami & Yumi
Ice Cube
Enemies Scanty & Kneesocks
Ice Cube (sometimes)
Lawl Team Team Superior

Special Moves

Neutral Special (Pencil): Bowling Ball

Pencil throws a Bowling Ball at an opponent.

INSPIRATION CLIP: (4:20 - 4:24)

Side Special (Pencil): Yell

Pencil yells and it will stuns an opponent for 5 seconds.

INSPIRATION CLIP: (1:07 -1:09)

Up Special (Pencil): Freesmart Van Jump

Similar to Scanty's Up Special, Pencil rides a Freesmart Van. The buildup (give to The Freesmart Van) give the player to choose a direction.

INSPIRATION CLIP: (15:03 - 15:09)

Down Special (Pencil): Switch

Switches Pencil to Match.

Neutral Special (Match): Ball Kick

Match Kicks a Ball at an opponent.

INSPIRATION CLIP: (4:04 - 4:06)

Side Special (Match): Lighter

Match's Head is on fire and the fire will damage an opponent.

INSPIRATION CLIP: (03:54 - 03:55)

Up Special (Match): Prevention Plan

Match tie her leg to the platform so she wont fall of.

INSPIRATION CLIP: (09:37 - 09:54)

Down Special (Match): Switch

Switches Match to Pencil.

Final Smash (Both): SpongyCake

Pencil & Match gather around an opponent, rubing a Mini Pencil and a Mini Match together to create a fire and it damage an opponent.

INSPIRATION CLIP: (5:11 - 5:26)