Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie SBL X Intro

Pinkie pie

Universe Hasbro
Debut My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Appears in Smash Bros Lawl X
Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy
Friends Rainbow Dash
Twilight Sparkle & Spike
Amy Rose
Dan VS. (he doesn't like her back)
SpongeBob SquarePants
Discord (sometimes)
Lydia Prower (her favourite Mane 6 pony)
Bubble Berry (male self)
Dan Hibiki
Arie Kanagawa
Multi HMX-12
Braeburn (common pony ship)
Noriaki Kakyoin
Catbug (see this to know why)
Cheese Sandwich
Monkey Yellow
Classic Self
Enemies Ralph Star
Cpend7 (sometimes w/ CUPCAKES)
Isaac Clarke
Tommy Wiseau
The Rapping Dog
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team X
Team Galaxy


Boing, Boing, Boing (Lawl X)

Pinkie hops onto the battlefield.

Here I Am! (Lawl Galaxy)

Pinkie Pie bursts through some pink western-style double doors saying "Here I am!"

Special Attacks

Lawl X

Neutral B - Pinkie Sense

Pinkie Pie uses her Pinkie Sense. If her tail twitches, a random object will fall onto an opponent, obviously dealing damage. If her ears flop, the first opponent to be hit after she does this will be dirty and take twice as much damage for 10 seconds. If her knee goes pinchy, the next opponent to be attacked will be under shock and 3-second paralysis. If her shoulder aches, Gummy appears on the battlefield with her. He doesn't do much, but he can be thrown like a normal projectile. If she shudders, a big doozy appears in the form of a Smash Ball. The sense she gets is randomized, and she has to wait 10 seconds to let another kick in. If she's hit during her Pinkie Sense, the move is cancelled.

Side B - Cupcakes

Pinkie tosses a pastry like a projectile. If she misses, there will be a 50% chance that it becomes food. However, each cupcake she throws has a different color, representing a player. If a player who's color doesn't match the cupcake's eats one, 20% damage will be healed, but if the player with the matching color ate it, he/she would be healed by 30% damage while the last consumer takes the same amount. No cupcake will come out in Pinkie's player color, but she can still eat them.

Up B - Party Cannon

Pinkie gets into her Party Cannon. Like Hitler's German Artillery, you can aim it up and down with the analog stick and it'll shoot after 5 seconds. When she's shot out of it, she leaves behind a trail of confetti and party items. If an opponent's caught by this, he/she is blinded and has reversed controls for 3 seconds. Same thing for anyone Pinkie will crash into.

Down B - Pinkie Promise

Pinkie makes a Pinkie Promise with an opponent. Afterward, if the opponent is directly or indirectly responsible for Pinkie being dealt any damage, she blows up in rage, dealing 30% damage to the opponent. You can only use this once per stock.

Final Smash - 4th Wall Destruction

Pinkie grabs her series icon and throws it at an opponent, hitting him/her so hard that he/she flies out the game and into a random YouTube video. Whatever it is results in the same thing: suicide. If it misses the opponent, Pinkie will be left without her series icon, unable to perform her final smash again.

Lawl Galaxy

Neutral B - Party Cannon

Pinkie Pie gets out her party cannon. If it can decorate an entire room for a party, it can kick your butt! There are different projectiles that can be shot from the cannon. Said projectiles are as follows:

Party Cannon Projectiles
Projectile AI
Cupcake It has 1/3 of a chance of being edible when it hits the ground.
Flower Pot When it hits someone, it bounces off and does another hit unless dodged.
Gummy He walks forward and is deadly to the touch.

Side B - Cartwheel

Pinkie does a cartwheel like in My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic. During this move, you harm anyone you cartwheel into (which is pretty damn obvious, isn't it?). This goes on for 8 seconds or until you press A/B to cancel it. If she reaches a cliff or something, she will come to a stop seeing as how she has her good old Pinkie sense with her. In the air, she drops down while doing a cartwheel.

Up B - Balloons

Pinkie straps a bunch of leftover party balloons to her back where she would wear a saddle. With the balloons on, you can *gasp* float upward for 10 seconds or until someone pops the balloons with a small and sharp projectile or something (ex: AVGN's pens). As she flies up, she can also throw pastries forward (you can press B to do so). You can release the balloons early upon pressing A.

Down B - Pastry Panic

Pinkie quickly eats a pastry that heals 14% damage and it can only be done once per stock, so use it wisely! If you charge this move up while you're airborne, Pinkie throws a downward barrage of pastries from all known nations and cookbooks. If you move forward in conjunction with doing this, she shoves the pastry in a teammate's mouth.

Final Smash - Cupcakes

Pinkie gives a cupcake to the nearest opponent who falls asleep due to being drugged. The opponent wakes up only to find he/she is locked in Pinkie's basement. Pinkie hammers nails into the opponent's limbs (each nail hammered in does 8% damage), then straps electrical wires onto the nails and pulls a lever, shocking the opponent (deals 92% damage). The opponent awakens to find that Pinkie is looking very pissed off at the opponent and rants about when they were sleeping and how rude it was. She is then seen chewing up some meat, disturbingly healing 5% damage on a dime. She then shoves the meat into her opponent's pie hole who then spits it out. The opponent is then syringed for the harvest. Pinkie carves an "I" into the opponent and opens up the chest and the opponent takes damage through blood loss. Pinkie makes bad jokes/puns as she pulls out each organ (large intestine: 28%, small intestine: 54%, the rest: 12% each). During the moment where Pinkie uses what's left of the digestive system as bagpipes, the spurt of acid that hits her tongue does 2% damage to her. She gives the victim a shot of adrenaline, making the blood loss speed up as the victim's face is carved off. Then, instant KO. In stamina matches, when you're low on health and you kick the bucket early, Pinkie says: "Aw, you didn't last long enough! You're no fun!"


Lawl X



Star KOSFX: *screams*

Screen KOSFX: *cries*

Lawl Galaxy

KOSFX1: "Shit!"

KOSFX2: "Owie!"

Star KOSFX: *screams*

Screen KOSFX: "Oof!"


Lawl X

Up: "And then I said: 'Oh, you are just crazy!'"

Sd: "Are you loco in the cocoa?"

Dn: "Bet you can't make a face crazier than--" *G3.5 face* "--THIS!"

Lawl Galaxy

Up: *squee*

Sd: *laughs*

Dn: "Hi! I'm Pinkie Pie!"

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

Lawl X

1. *rockets away* "Woo-hoo!"

2. *sighs* "And you were doing so well."

3. *dances*

4. (vs. Fluttershy) "Whoops! YOU OKAY!?"

Failure/Clap: Pinkamena

Failure/Clap (vs. Fluttershy): Fountain of tears

Lawl Galaxy

1. "OK, OK! The screen says I've won!"

2. "Woohoo! Let's do that again!"

3. "Twichy twich! Twichy twich!"

4. (vs. SpongeBob) "Aw, you didn't last long enough!"


Standard Attacks

Lawl X


Lawl Galaxy

Neutral Jabs: Eye Flutter, Jelly Legs, Twichy Tail

Dash Attack: Rocket to Joy!

Smash Attacks

  • Sd - Surprise Pop-Up!
  • Up - Confetti Outfit
  • Dn - Here I Am!

Tilt Attacks

  • Sd - Buck
  • Up - Hop
  • Dn - Balloon Pop!

Aerial Attacks

  • N-Air - Inflation
  • F-Air - Spitty Pie
  • B-Air - Balloon Pop
  • U-Air - Flipkick
  • D-Air - Whee!


  • Grab - Giving A Hug
  • Pummel - Squeeze
  • Forward - Cider Belch
  • Back - Dances and Trances
  • Up - Lick
  • Down - Mistaken for Food


  • Ledge Attack - Twisted Neck
  • 100% Ledge Attack - Trombone
  • Ground Attack - Wake-Up Call
  • Trip Attack - Flour

Snake Codec

Snake: Hey...That's Pinkie Pie isn't it?

Otacon: Good Eye, Snake! She's Ponyville's super duper fun party pony!

Snake: Y'know...Seeing Pinkie Pie reminds me...We should sing that song we always wanted to sing

Otacon: OH! Yeah! That Song! Good Idea... Okay. Ready? GO!

Snake: All you need to do is take a cup of flour. Add it to the mix...

Otacon: Then you need to take something sweet not sour. A bit of salt just a pinch...

Snake: Baking these treats is such a cinch. Add a teaspoon of vanilla...

Otacon: Add a little more and you count to four and you'll never get your filla...

Snake: Cupcakes. So sweet and tasty...

Otacon: Cupcakes. Don't be to hasty...

Snake: Cupcakes...


Snake: That was awesome

Otacon: Yeah... It sure was...

Character Description


Classic Mode





  • Clearly the original managed to remain intact since there are some bits where the player displays look like they did an era.


Smash Bros Lawl X Character Moveset - Pinkie Pie

Smash Bros Lawl X Character Moveset - Pinkie Pie

"Movesets! So sweet and tasty! Movesets! Don't be too hasty! Movesets! Movesets, movesets, MOVESETS!"