Planet Namek is a Stage in Super Lawl, Lawl Ultimate & The Story Mode Level in Ultimate & Elite

Planet namek by supercollaterale-d5y380d

Stage Description

The stage consists of several rock-platforms over a large body of water. It is entirely possible for players to swim in the water. The stage also connects with the boundaries, meaning it doesn't have any kind of hole. It has been said the orange body above Namek is one of its three suns. In the background, you can see the One-Star Dragon Ball (presumably the Namekian one), Frieza's space pod, and, occasionally throughout the fight, you can see Zarbon and Kid Gohan fighting at full force with each other, ignoring the other combatants on the field entirely. In the far background, you can see one of Namek's neighboring planets (it is unknown which one).

Story Mode


Arriving at the Planet Namek, after Primal Dialga send Trucks and Aya there, they see a destruction happen in the area. Searching the area, Trucks is astounded at what they can find—Namek destroy, without any Helghan, or The XYZ Ship's Ice Pillar. Proceeding further, they find a noise is coming, at the top of an hill, they find Megaman Zero, defeating Koopa. Megaman Zero, as well as Aya and Trucks, was they are captured by Frieza and the Ginyu Force entourage. Frienza takes their captives to a nearby Dimensional Hole with Axle the Red, but before the team can be put through it, Trace overwhelm the Ginyu Force, prompting Captain Ginyu, Axle and Frienza to fight back. The team is able to defeat Frieza in battle, but were Truck, Aya, Megaman Zero, and Trace goes to activate the nearby Transporters, Axle thinks that Megaman Zero remained his of the Original Zero, one of the Maverick Hunter.

Axle manages to recover and attack Megaman Zero. Just as Axle tries to finish off the teams, Megaman Zero intervenes. In a move of desperation, Megaman Zero pushes Axle the Red towards the Dimensional Hole. His pushes Axle and himself through the Dimensional Hole, with Trace follow in as well, but not without giving his last goodbye. Truck proceed on the Transporters, with his keeping silent to Aya about what just happen.

Like Sweet Tooth, Ditmento giving Frieza a second chance of life if him can find Loc-Nar.

Character Appears


Playable Characters

Non-Playable Characters

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