In the distance a shadow-like flying to Ponyvilles. When it approaches the town and runs on its field, it is revealed to be none other than Toon Meta Knight, off to warn all the pony. Once arriving at Ponyvilles, Toon Meta Knight commence to fight Z.W.E.I.. After getting his ass beating by Z.W.E.I., and the XYZ Ship appears, utilizing the opportunity to freeze Ponyvilles, but mistaking target at Z.W.E.I.. When TMK tries to free Z.W.E.I., The XYZ Ship summons The X Freezing Machine 9000 to deal with Ponyvilles, as well as Toon Meta Knight, while the ship escapes with while grading the frozen Z.W.E.I.. He defeats the Machine, and notices the ship is now heading to Equestria. Naturally, he decides to follow them, dealing with members of the XYZ Army on the way.

While continuing his trek, Kain Highwind jumps off The XYZ Army, challenging and fighting the Knight. He loses, though, as TMK notice that his just escape the XYZ Ship. Meanwhile, Toon Koopa gives Mr Freeze and Captain Hook that his capture Princess Celestia, which is they now start freeze Equestria. As Equestria is being attack, engulfed by ice. Toon Meta Knight save Kain, as the two set off flying. Meanwhile, at Equestria, Celestia's younger sisters. Princess Luna wakes up. When walking outside from the castle, she notices the XYZ Ship is attacking Ponyvilles and Equestria. Toon Meta Knight save Kain decides to save Luna by grabbing her before the ice cannon hits her.

The three are later seen in a hilltop, sadly reflecting on all their prior events; Toon Meta Knight remember on all the horror of what the Helghan dose to Dreamland, Princess Luna on the memories her older sister and Equestria, destroyed by the The ZYX Army, and Kain recalling his nightmare and near death experience in what the XYZ Army dose to his. Toon Meta Knight and other decide to go after The XYZ Ship, Avenging both Dreamland and Equestria.

Characters Appears

Playable Characters

as Non-Playable characters (or Challengers)

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