Psycho Entrance

Jeffery Ridgeway Sr. walks through a Psycho entrance where it's a good place to start.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Busting Down the Door

Jeff will get out a door. You will always know how can he bust down and hit the opponents.

Side B - Lawnmower

Jeff rides his lawnmower to shred the opponents. When you use the blades to shred an opponent. It will give the opponents 12% damage. Note: This scene was taken from Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games.

Up B - Uncle Larry

Jeff summons Uncle Larry to have an attack. In a similar fashion to Hitler's angry ranting, Jeff and Uncle Larry will yell at one of the opponents. If you press A, Jeff will make a normal yell. If you use B, Uncle Larry will make a longer yelling rant.

Down B - Nintendo Switch Bubble

Jeff gets out the Nintendo Switch to rub the opponents. When you use the Nintendo Switch, he will destroy it and the opponents will give 30% damage.

Final Smash - Gaming Room Rampage

In a similar fashion to Angry Grandpa's kitchen rampage, Jeff yells in rage, the shockwaves deals the opponents 9% damage. Jeff goes over, then demolishes the competition in the gaming room. The opponents get in the gaming room, and starts to have an attack. They can't pass him, because of his rage. Jeff uses a backhoe and destroys the gaming room and he chainsaws the wall. The wall deals with the opponents 9% damage. Then, Jeff uses his baseball bat and smashes the window as the glass was shattered, the shattered glass deals the opponent's massive damage and knock-back never seen again. Jeff uses Jesse's TV and hits it with baseball bat. The TV screen deals with the opponents 10% damage. Jeff gets Jesse's laptop and kicks the opponents, stomps on one of the opponents and smacks the opponents with a baseball bat. The laptop screen deals with the opponents 15% damage. Jeff stomps on the table and stomps on one of the opponents. The wooden table with a metal frame deals with the opponents 20% damage. Jeff summons Jesse and Corn, when the ceiling and posts fallen on them and the opponents while Jeff destroys the room. The ceiling and posts deal with the opponents 25% damage. Jesse smashes Jesse's door and chainsaws one of the opponents and throws a lot of door pieces. The door deals with the opponents 30% damage. Now, Jeff throws Jesse's PS4 and buries the opponents. The PS4 deals with the opponents 35% damage. The final smash ends and Jeff screams in rage.



KOSFX2: SHIT!!!!!!!!!


Screen KOSFX: No


Up: You disrespected me!

Sd: Something's wrong.

Dn: I'm his father, you're not!

Victory Options+Failure Clap

Victory 1: Who's the psycho now?

Victory 2: He said you did. Get the hell out of my house and out of my yard!

Victory 3: Why are you filming this?

Lose/Clap: You better put that gun down and it better not be loaded, or there's going to be hell to pay!

Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

  • AAA Combo- Xbox 360
  • Dash Attack- Camera

Tilt Attacks

  • Side- Axe
  • Up- Laptop
  • Down- Scissors


  • Side- Jesse's video games
  • Up- Gaming lair
  • Down- Ketchup


  • N-Air - Chainsaw
  • F-Air - Jesse's plant
  • B-Air - Xbox One
  • U-Air - Turkey
  • D-Air - Tripod

Grabs, Throws

  • Grab- Silver Play Button
  • Pummel- Drywall
  • Forward- Nintendo DS
  • Back- Jesse Ridgeway
  • Up- Mountain Dew
  • Down- Corn's laptop


  • Ledge attack: Table
  • 100% ledge attack: Nintendo Wii
  • Front attack: Trophies
  • Back attack: Grill
  • Trip attack: Nintendo Switch


An icon of an Xbox 360

Kirby Hat

Jeffery Sr.'s Cap

Colors and Costumes

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