Raven TTT2
Universe Namco
Debut Tekken 5
Appears in Super Lawl
Friends Yoshimitsu (Rival and Partner)
Enemies ???
Lawl Team Team Super Lawl

Special Moves

B - Cross Ninja Stars

Raven takes a shuriken and throws it at his opponent.

Side B - Switchback

Raven does a elbow attack, then summons his Doppelganger to dash past the opponent, then Raven returns to his normal form after his doppelganger dash pasts the opponent.

Up B - Haze

Raven quickly vanishes and reappears in a different location, depending on how the user tilts the control stick. If it teleports into the air, it will fall in a helpless animation.

Down B - Alter-Ego

Raven quickly vanishes, reappears and summons his doppelganger that does a dive slide kick attack while he does a low hook punch at the same time.

Final Smash - Doppelganger

Raven takes quickly his swords while crouches, then attacks the opponent while dash past thorugh it, then he summons his doppelganger to do a double attack, finishing off by jumping on the wall and devorous a dive sword attack with his Doppelganger.


KO 1:

KO 2:

Star KO:

Screen KO:


Up Taunt:

Side Taunt:

Down Taunt:

Victory/Lose Pose

Victory 1:

Victory 2:

Victory 3:


Character Description

Raven is a stoic man, with a quick intellect and unbreakable sense of professionalism. He takes pride in his job and status as a Ninja. Although the nature of his company is ambiguous, his actions imply it works towards the greater good. He finds it difficult to believe in the more supernatural elements of his missions, but when faced with them, he takes it into his stride and doesn't lose face. His seriousness is a constant trait of this character, only broken if Yoshimitsu loses to him in his story stage. Baffled by Yoshimitsu's bizarre attire and clumsy ways, he attempts to teach Yoshimitsu the kuji-in, and grows uncharacteristically frustrated when the other fighter fails to so. His rivalry with Sergei Dragunov seems to go deeper than mere professional interaction. If one faces Sergei Dragunov in Scenario Campaign (in a rare show of speech) the other agent threatens to carve more scars into his face. This could imply that Dragunov was the one to scar him. Interestingly, one of the only times Dragunov speaks openly is to his rival, Raven. An obvious history exists between them.



Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

  • Neutral attack- PK Combo: Raven does a straight punch, then a kick. (2%, 3%)
  • Dash Attack- Slide Attack: Raven slides extending his foot forward. 6%
  • Side Tilt- Lance Kick: Raven does a forward-stepping side kick. If it hits, the opponent is sent flying.
  • Up Tilt- Pendulum Kick: Raven raise his leg, and again when he brings it down. Does 1-3% with the first hit and 5% with the second.
  • Down Tilt- Basilik Fang: Raven does a downwards roundhouse kick.


  • Side- Crusader: Raven does a powerful straight punch. (Un: 10%, Full: 19%)
  • Up- Chariot: Raven cartwheels and attacks the opponent. (Un: 3% per hit, Full: 5% per hit)
  • Down- Shinobi Cyclone: Raven does a slow sweep kick attack. (Un: 15%, Full: 21%)


  • Ledge attack: Hades Heel: Raven quickly rolls, raise his leg, then slams it down. It basicly a low version of Hwoarang and Baek's Dyanamite Heel.
  • 100% ledge attack: ???
  • Ground attack: ???
  • Trip attack: ???

Grabs, Throws

  • Grab- Grabs with both hands.
  • Pummel- ???
  • Forward- Salamander: Raven jumps, then kicks three times.
  • Backward- Neck Ringer: Raven climbs on top the opponent's head as he leaps slam it backwards.
  • Up- Undertaker: Raven throws the opponent very high, then quickly reappeares and breaks the opponent's back.
  • Down- Grave Digger: Raven rolls with his opponent, as he breaks it leg.


  • Neutral- Hydra Bite: Raven kicks twice the opponent.
  • Forward- Deathbringer: Raven does a spinning kick.
  • Backward- Sudden Strike: Raven turns back and does a knee attack.
  • Up- Shadow Kick: Raven does a spinning upwards kick.
  • Down- Blind Ghost: Raven does a dive kicks his opponent in the neck, driving them into the ground. (3% for the dive kick, 1% per hit for slide on the ground)


The Mishima Zaibatsu Icon

Victory Music

TBA - Enter End of a Video

Kirby Hat

Raven's sun glasses, scar, black skin and hair.

When Chosen




Related Music

Enter Music Video

Credits Music

Enter Music Video

Snake Codec


Mei Ling:



Role In The Subspace Emmisary



Colors & Costumes



  • Raven's nickname is "The Dark Talon of Death" as shown in Nina's Tekken 5 interlude

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