Ruined City is a stage for Elite & Super Lawl

Ruined City


Super Lawl



Elsewhere in the World of Trophies, a Big Daddy is an area that is essentially a deserted, dilapidated city full with Monkey. As his woke up, Big Daddy wander what happen to Little Sisters, not before his is suddenly confronted by the Pipo Monkey, which then forces his to go in enraged state(Frenzy). Sento look at the army of Pipo Monkey and get chase by the Enraging Big Daddy. Sento almost knock Big Daddy using her baseball bat in an attempt to help himself run from the Frenzy Big Daddy, but Him got trapped in a wall. Before Sento and Big Daddy can face each other, Animated Black Dynamite, heroically appears and shoot a bullet into the beast.

After calming Big Daddy, his, Sento, and Animated Black Dynamite soon runs into Spike, and after battling their way through more Pipo Monkey, Spike separate ways at first. But Sento remember his little sister got capture, so his, as well as Animated Black Dynamite and Big Daddy boldness up and joins Spike, and find at what up with this "monkey business".

Meanwhile, The XYZ Army Ship, control by Mr. Freeze and Captain Hook, fires they Ice Cannon at Lance repeatedly. After missing several times, Mr. Freeze decide aims his weapon at Aya Drevis, who came front eh other world, and Lance selflessly push Aya out of the way to take the shot for herself and Lance is now froze. As a frightened Aya runs away with Ice Cannon still shot at her.

Few hour later, Taizo Hazi tries to free Lance, but then discover that the ice can't break. So Taizo decide to find someone that can break that ice that is tripping Lance.

Character Appears

Super Lawl

  • John
  • Cosmo
  • Flame Princess
  • Agito90
  • Kamen Rider Kabuto
  • Dudley Puppy


Playable Characters

as Non-Playable characters (or Challengers)

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