Ruined City 2 is a level for Elite


In the same where the respective groups, that is the domain Future Truck, pursuing the Shadaloo as they try to take back the stolen hoard of Dragon Ball. After much fighting, the Truck find the Dragon Ball, but Dormammu himself appears and takes the opportunity to summon the XYZ Project Ship to freeze Truck. Bloom come, in a split-second decision, pull Truck and takes the shot. Truck then see Bloom being frozen as his tries to attack Dormammu, but Dormammu knock Truck his out and claims Bloom Frozen Body.

At a the same place, where the street are now full with frozen pillar, Truck meets with Aya Drevis, and they tags you follow the XYZ Ship. Once they cross through back outside, they confront Toon Bison by the exit to another area. They grows bolder, thinking that Toon Bison is apart of the XYZ Army, and fight him. After Toon Bison is defeated, Truck and Ayas' spirit is uplifted by they victory. But upon remembering Lance and Bloom, stop before Primal Dialga came and send they back in time to when every.

Characters Appeares

Playable Characters

Non-Playable Characters (Or Challengers)

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