Ryu Hayabusa
Universe Tecmo
Debut Ninja Gaiden
Dead or Alive
Appears in Smash Bros Lawl EX
Friends Kasumi
Simon Belmont
Enemies Strider Hiryu (Death Battle)
Lawl Team EX

Special Moves

Neutral B – Ninpo Arts

The spiritual and mental arts of the ninja, Ryu has access to many Ninpo arts, depending on which one Ryu has "equipped", Ryu can perform one of four different Ninpo attacks:

Art of Fire Wheels

Extending his arms Ryu causes four fireballs to circle around him. these fireballs will circle Ryu for around 6 seconds. players who come into contact with Ryu will receive DMG and be knocked off their feet.

Art of Vacuum Wave

Pressing "B" will cause Ryu to transform his spirit into a vacuum blade that will be launched upward and downward at the same time. this works great for aerial opponents. this deals damage to anything that touches it.

Art of Inuzuma

Holding "B" Ryu will become encased in a ball of electricity, holding his stance, Ryu will deal Damage to opponents who walk into him also dealing great horizontal knock back, this will also absorb energy based attacks. releasing "B" will cause Ryu to hop into the air and discharge four lighting bolts in different directions that move very fast.

Art of Piercing Void

Pressing "B" will cause Ryu to fire a ball that is essentially a moving black hole. this attack is as large as a fully charged charge shot (Samus) but moves much slower. like the charge shot this attack can only move in a horizontal path. this attack will move through enemies but will not pass through walls. this will enable this attack to deal damage to multiple targets, though due to its slow moving nature, this attack is easy to dodge.

Side B – Shuriken

A chargeable attack, Ryu will simple toss a Shuriken forward very quickly, though it deals little damage. Charging this attack will transform Ryu's Shuriken into a Windmill Shuriken- said to be imbued with the spirit of the thrower, this Shuriken would act as a boomerang, returning to the thrower, however if the thrower were to dodge the Shuriken, it would pass by them and then come back to them, this can be done for as long as the thrower can evade their own Shuriken. (Only 1 Windmill Shuriken can be on screen at a time.)

Up B - Izuna-Otoshi

Pressing "Up + 'B'" will make Ryu attempt to grab a foe. If successful, Ryu will uppercut the foe into the air. Ryu will then vanish in a poof of smoke and reappear in another poof of smoke behind the opponent he has uppercutted into the air- grab them around the mid section, flip upside down with them and spiral downward headfirst into the ground. If Ryu fails to grab anyone, Ryu will simply poof into smoke and reappear some distance way dealing no damage.

Down B - Ninpo Change

Pressing "Down + 'B'" will cause Ryu to "equip" a different Ninpo Art, as a default Ryu always starts off equipped with the "Art of the Inferno" Ninpo Art. the order is as follows: -Art of Fire Wheels (Red) -Art of Vaccum Wave (Blue) -Art of Inazuma (Yellow) -Art of Piercing Void (Purple)

When Equipping a different Ninpo Ryu will simply flash a different color.

Final Smash – The Curse!

Hold down "B" to charge teh range of this attack. while holding "B" an invisible area expands from Ryu this "area" is circular in shape and can expand to consume the entire stage- though with it being invisible, the only sure fire way to be sure it has is to "charge" this move until time runs out- or until you learn to time this attack. releasing "B" will cause Ryu to move incredibly fast to his nearest opponent and deliver several slashes to them dealing decent damage and great knock back. Ryu will then move on to the next opponent that was in the "area" until he has attacked all the opponents in that area- this move replaces the Ninpo Arts ability until the end of the FS. The "Area" will move quickly at first and slow as it gets bigger- tapping "B" Ryu will slash furiously in place. if used in the air, Ryu's decent is slowed. (Tip: get close to opponents, hold "B" release and as Ryu finishes attacking hold "B" again to attack the same opponent!)

Character Description



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