The Sin Army is a group of monsters (Also called Fiends) lead by Sin the Monster.

Types of Sin Army


Sin is immune to most conventional form of weaponry and is highly resistant to attack, able to project a barrier to protect itself. It is believed in-game that only the Final Aeon can kill Sin, and all attacks the party wages on Sin in Final Fantasy X only serve to wound it - it is not until the death of Yu Yevon's spirit that Sin actually dies. Sin's signature attack is a huge blast of energy from its mouth known as "Giga-Graviton", an attack so powerful that it can induce tectonic plate movements visible from outer space. Its other body parts are capable of using lesser Gravity-based attacks. In Lawl Ultimate, He is a ridable beast replacing the Halbrid 

Sinspawn/Sin Cell

Sinspawn are creatures born from the gargantuan beast Sin in Final Fantasy X. They are a vital part of Operation Mi'ihen, as the Crusaders use the Sinspawn to call out to Sin, which would inevitably be drawn to them. Five Sinspawn are fought during the course of the game, six if the Sinscale is counted.

Sinspawn are presumably fiends that are formed by outlets of the multitude of pyreflies that composes Sin's physical form. Collectively, the forms of Sinspawn coincide with those of reef-dwelling creatures, such as anemones and jellyfish. This suggests Sin produces some type of sustenance that allows it to act as a living ecosystem.


The Dingo is an enemy found on Besaid, in Final Fantasy X. It is a basic enemy, and poses no threat to the party. Even at the earliest levels of the game, sadaly, one hit from extreamly annoying Tidus will defeat it. Its attack will occasionally cause Sleep or Silence ailments but these will only last three turns. The Dingo is used in the battle tutorials on Besaid Island.

Dingos will drop weapons with any of the elemental strike abilities as well as +3% Strength and Magic bonuses. It will drop armor with Sleep Ward and/or Silence Ward abilities as well as Magic Defense +3%.


Condor is a fiend in Final Fantasy X encountered in Besaid. It is not dangerous, so attack with Wakka or have Lulu cast magic to defeat it.

Condor will drop armor with Dark Ward and Defense +3%. It will also drop weapons with Sensor and Magic/Strength +3%.

Floating Eye

The Floating Eye is a fiend in Final Fantasy X. This enemy can be found on the Mi'ihen Highroad. Its Evasion and Magic Defense are very high, so attack with someone who has high Accuracy, preferably Wakka.


The Raldo is a fiend in Final Fantasy X, encountered along the Mi'ihen Highroad. This enemy is encased in a thick shell, so use a weapon with Piercing, usually on Auron's and Kimahri's weapons.

Raldo will drop weapons with any of the elemental strikes and Strength/Magic +3% bonus. They also drop armor with Berserk Ward and Defense +3%.


The Bomb of Final Fantasy X is a fiend encountered in various areas in Spira, the first on the Mi'ihen Highroad. Like its predecessors from earlier games, after each attack Bomb will grow larger in size and after the third growth (if it has not been killed), will explode above a random party member, usually causing enough damage to KO them. Kimahri can learn his Ronso Rage skill, Self-Destruct, from any of the Bomb-type fiends in Spira, Mi'ihen Highroad is the first place in the game you can acquire Self-Destruct.

To block the Bomb's Self-Destruct, use NulBlaze, which will nullify the attack.

Later in the game, the Bomb appears in Home, summoned by the Guado Guardians; the Grenade can be found on Mt. Gagazet and the Puroboros in the Omega Ruins. Catching all these fiends will breed the Bomb King in the Monster Arena.

Bombs will drop armor with Fire Ward and weapons with Firestrike.


The Vouivre is an enemy in Final Fantasy X. It has high Attack and rock-hard scales. Auron and Kimahri's Piercing weapons are capable of killing it quickly. It is found at Mi'ihen Highroad Old Road.

Vouivre will drop armor with Slow Ward and HP +5%. It will also drop weapons with any of the elemental strikes. However, usually it will only drop single-slotted equipment.

Dual Horn

The Dual Horn is an enemy in Final Fantasy X found on the Mi'ihen Highroad. A second, more powerful version can also be summoned by the Guado Guardians during the Siege of Home. These Dual Horns are more dangerous with higher HP, Speed, and Power.

This enemy's Gore attack is powerful, but inflicting Darkness on it will solve that problem. A good strategy is to use Wakka's Dark Attack to blind it and then attack with physical fighters. An alternative strategy for early encounters is to summon Valefor, which will easily evade most of the Dual Horn's attacks. Kimahri can use Lancet to learn the Ronso Rage, Fire Breath.

Role in the Subspace Emissary


Notable Sin


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