Sir Daniel Fortesque
Sir Danel
Universe Sony
Debut Medievil (PS1)
Appears in Elite Warrior Battle Royale
Super Smash Bros. EX
Friends Bully Stopper
Sayaka Miki
Enemies Zarok
Emergency Alert System
Lawl Team Team Elite/EX

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Battle Axe-a-rang

Dan throws a Battle Axe that acts like a boomerang.

Side B - Green Hand

Dan sends out a weird looking mushroom, then attacks the opponent. This also causes a 15% to cause Poison Damage.

Up B - Spinning Attack

Dan spinning his sword around in a circle. If used in mid-air, he does an aerial version that rises him up. Very similar to Link's Up B, unlike Link's Up B. This attack cannot be charged. Though generally not good in terms of recovery, it is very strong in terms of offense, especially as a ground attack.

Down B - Golden Shield

Dan brings a golden shield, this will increased his defense and protects from projectiles. Pressing Down B again will removed his shield completly.

Final Smash - Anubis Stone

A cutscene plays where Dan finds a treasure, as it opens up itself and finds the Anubis Stone. After that cutscene, It creates a large force field that surrounds Sir Daniel. Anyone caught inside the field is unable to roll, and eventually KO'ed, but Sir Daniel is limited to just moving and jumping while carrying the Anubis Stone.

Tonipelimies's ideas

Neutral B - Charged Sword Spin

Sir Dan raises his right arm up and holds his sword out vertically. Holding down the B-Button will cause the sword to glow a bright white as blue and purple streaks of light envelop the blade. Once the button is released, Sir Dan will spin around in place and swing his sword horizontally in a circle. Pressing the button will cause Sir Dan to spin once, holding down for two seconds will cause Sir Dan to spin twice, and hold down for four seconds will cause Sir Dan to spin three times. Sir Dan is free to walk while charging but cannot dash, jump or perform any other action until the move is performed. Each swing deals fairly minor damage that increases by a few points of damage with each charge built up. Opponents are knocked away horizontally if hit by the tip of the blade, diagonally if hit by the blade itself, and vertically if they are standing right next to Sir Dan.

Side B - Charged Longbow Shot

Sir Dan pulls out a longbow and fires an arrow. Holding down the B-Button for a few seconds will cause Sir Dan to pull the string back further and fire three arrows in quick succession. The arrows follow a straight trajectory and continue moving until they hit an opponent, object or fly off screen. The arrows deal fairly minor damage and little to no knockback.

Up B - Ascending Spear

Sir Dan pulls out a spear and leaps upwards, beginning his ascend. He holds the spear vertically with the pointed end aiming up as he spins around. The tip of the spear deals very decent damage and knocks opponents away vertically. The spear’s staff and Sir Dan himself can also damage opponents, though with much less power and shorter knockback.

Down B - Charged Hammer Bash

Sir Dan pulls out a hammer and lifts it up with both hands. He jumps up and slams the hammer down. Opponents hit by the hammer itself are dealt heavy damage and are knocked away horizontally a far distance, even at lower percentages. The hammer creates a shockwave when it hits the ground, stylized by a purple semi-sphere that reaches out a few feet away. Opponents caught by the shockwave are dealt less damage and are not knocked back, but are instead stunned as if their shield was broken. This move has a long start-up period and takes a very long time to perform.

Final Smash - Charged Lightning

Sir Dan faces the screen and lifts his sword up with both hands as it begins to radiate a bright light. Lightning bolts begin to shoot out from the blade in eight different directions. The lightning travels a fairly short distance away from Sir Dan, roughly the length of one of Battlefield’s floating platforms. The lightning deals very powerful damage and knocks opponents back in the direction the bolt was traveling. It is strong enough to KO even the heaviest characters at fairly low percentages.





Screen KOSFX:


Up: Sir Daniel points, then slides his sword across his neck saying you lose.

Sd: Sir Daniel puts his arms and hands to his side like a chicken and bocks.

Dn: Sir Daniel blows a kiss saying C'mon pumpkin hit me.

Tonipelimies's ideas

Up: Sir Dan raises his right arm above his head and holds his sword out horizontally, parallel to the ground.

Sd: Sir Dan holds out a golden Chalice of Souls and raises it to pay tribute to the heroes who came before him.

Dn: Sir Dan juggles five stone runes between his hands.

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

Victory 1: Sir Dan kneels back, lifts his hands in the air and smiles.

Victory 2: Sir Dan crosses his legs with his sword planted in the ground while smiling.

Victory 3: Sir Dan holds up a large, golden chalice and begins drinking from it.

Lose/Clap: Sir Daniel sits on his own gravestone with his hand on his chin, looking sad.

Tonipelimies's ideas

Victory 1: Sir Dan plants the tip of his sword into the ground and kneels before it on one knee.

Victory 2: Sir Dan eases his posture and lets out a sigh of relief as a green healing mist pours out of the ground below him.

Victory 3: Sir Dan places his fists against his waist and sticks his chest out triumphantly, striking a heroic pose. He would smile if the lower half of his jaw was still attached.

Rival Victory (Link): If Sir Dan wins a battle against Link, he will exclaim “I am a real hero, like you!”

Lose/Clap: Sir Dan claps halfheartedly, occasionally heaving a heavy sigh.

Character Description

A coward whose celebration as a hero was unearned, Sir Daniel has been given a chance to redeem himself, proving in combat he is worthy of his knighthood. He fights on behalf of his beloved homeland, Gallowmere, his oath to protect her intact despite her citizens’ somewhat waning interest in gallantry.


(Sir Dan pulls out his sword and twirls it, before entering a fighting stance.)

Tonipelimies's ideas

(Sir Dan lies down against the ground on his back. A green surge of electricity envelops his body, reanimating his skeleton corpse. He gets up to his feet and assumes a fighting stance. There is a chance that Sir Dan might exclaim “I’ll show you!” as he rises up. )

Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

  • AAA Combo- Hero Sword Slash: Dan does a few quick slashes.
  • Dash Attack- Charge!: Dan rams to his enemy.

Tilt Attacks

  • Side- Hammer Smash: Dan brings a hammer and smashes to his enemy.
  • Up- Magic Bow: Dan brings an arch, then he shoots an arrow upwards.
  • Down- Magic Sword Spin: Dan spins around with his sword.


  • Side- Hero Sword Thrust: Dan stabs the opponent.
  • Up- Lightning Bolt: Dan causes a lightning bolt to strike a nearby enemy. This is also one of the few smashes that often misses grounded opponents, but almost always hits airborne opponents.
  • Down- Dragon Potion: Dan uses the Dragon Potion to create a firewave.


  • N-Air - Magic Sword Air Spin: Dan spins himself with his sword.
  • F-Air - Hero Sword Air Thrust: Dan stabs the opponent in mid-air.
  • B-Air - Drumstick Toss: Dan turns and throws a drumstick.
  • U-Air - Hero Sword Upper Cut: Dan does a slashing uppercut.
  • D-Air - Hero Sword Slam: Dan slams the opponent with his sword.

Grabs, Throws

  • Grab- Grabs with one hand.
  • Pummel- ???
  • Forward- The Rake: Dan stabs his sword on the ground and bounces at his opponent.
  • Back- Backwards The Rake.
  • Up- The Punt: Dan kicks upwards the opponent.
  • Down- The Stomp: Dan jumps and stomps three times.


  • Ledge attack: ???
  • 100% ledge attack: ???
  • Ground attack: ???
  • Trip attack: ???

Tonipelimies's ideas

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

  • AAA Combo- Sir Dan swings his broadsword in his right hand twice, once inward and once again outward, each with a downward diagonal slash. The attack’s speed is fairly slower than most jabs but deals minor damage and slight horizontal knockback.
  • Dash Attack- Sir Dan raises his sword up and charges forward, performing a Daring Dash. He holds his shield out before him and uses it as a battering ram, bashing it into opponents. A very quick attack that deals fairly decent damage and diagonal knockback.

Tilt Attacks

  • Side- Sir Dan leans in and stabs forward with his sword. This attack has incredible range thanks to his long arms and blade and deals fairly minor damage and slight horizontal knockback.
  • Up- Sir Dan straightens his posture and holds his sword with both hands, stabbing the blade upwards vertically. This attack reaches very high above Sir Dan and deals fairly minor damage but has a very narrow hitbox.
  • Down- Sir Dan crouches and stabs forward with his sword close to the ground. Similar in both motion and power as his forward tilt but obviously aims much lower.


  • Side- Sir Dan takes a step back with his left leg and pulls the left side of his body back to charge. He then takes a step in and thrusts his left arm forward, bashing opponents with his shield. The shield deals fairly decent damage and knocks opponents away horizontally with a slight diagonal ascension. With good timing, the shield can also destroy any incoming projectiles.
  • Up- Sir Dan leans back and pulls out an axe with his right hand to charge. He then throws the axe upward, causing it to soar a few inches away and spin around. The axe deals moderate damage immediately after it has been thrown and weakens slightly as it spins, knocking opponents away in a multitude of directions. This move leaves Sir Dan vulnerable afterwards as he remains in place to catch the axe.
  • Down- Sir Dan crouches down to one knee and holds a wooden club up with right hand, spinning it with his wrist to charge. He then swings the club down at the ground, dealing moderate damage and knocking opponents horizontally. If fully charged, the club will be lit aflame, burning opponents and dealing weak continuous damage.


  • N-Air - Sir Dan stabs forward with his sword held horizontal. Quick yet weak, this move shares similar properties with his tilt attacks.
  • F-Air - Sir Dan brings his sword in a downward vertical swing. A fairly quick attack that deals minor damage and slight downward knockback with diagonal influence.
  • B-Air - Sir Dan twists his body to the side and throws his left arm backwards, bashing opponents with his shield. Deals minor damage and very slight horizontal knockback to opponents.
  • U-Air - Sir Dan flicks his wrist and tosses a single throwing dagger upwards, dealing very weak damage and little upward knockback. The dagger only travels a short distance before vanishing in a puff of smoke.
  • D-Air - Sir Dan aims downwards with a crossbow and fires a single arrow, dealing fairly decent damage and downward knockback. The arrow only travels a short distance before vanishing in a puff of smoke.

Grabs, Throws

  • Grab- Sir Dan reaches out with his left hand and grabs an opponent by the collar/throat. Sir Dan has decent reach thanks to his long limbs but his throws are relatively weaker compared to the rest of the cast.
  • Pummel- Sir Dan headbutts the opponent with his tough bony head. A slow pummel that deals decent damage.
  • Forward- Sir Dan pushes the opponent away and takes a step forward, bashing them with his shield. The opponent his dealt minor damage and knocked away horizontally a decent distance.
  • Back- Sir Dan whips the opponent away behind him and stabs them with his sword, dealing moderate damage but little horizontal knockback.
  • Up- Sir Dan tosses the opponent up and holds his left arm above his head. He leaps up after the opponent and bounces them off of his shield to knock them away further, dealing minor damage.
  • Down- Sir Dan pushes the opponent down to the ground and then slices them with his sword, dealing moderate damage but very little knockback.


  • Ledge attack: Sir Dan quickly hoists himself onto the stage and stabs forward with his sword.
  • 100% ledge attack: Sir Dan slowly heaves himself onto the stage and swings his sword downward vertically.
  • Ground attack: Sir Dan gets up to one knee and swings his sword along the ground from right to left.
  • Trip attack: Sir Dan gets up to one knee and swings his sword along the ground from left to right.


Gallowmere Title

Victory Music

Hero of Gallowmere

Kirby Hat

Dan's skull, one eye and no jaws.

Wiimote Sound


Classic Mode


The story opens with a narrator telling about Sir Dan's time in the afterlife at the Hall of Heroes, taking place after Medevil 2. Until suddenly, a lightning bolt strucks to his crypt, bringing back to life and goes out from Gallowmere, he partecipates The Lawl Tournament to fight sevearl strong opponents who he thinks are Zarok's minions.

"Ah, Sir Daniel Fortesque. Having somehow defeated Zarok and banished his dark minions from Gallowmere... he has taken in the Hall of Heroes. But after centuries of revelry and mirth, word has come that a new threat gathers in distant lands. Zarok, again? Could the evil wizard somehow have returned once more? No, come on. That is ridiculous. But whatever has caused these creatures to gather together, a true hero is needed to defeat them. Unfortunately, all we have at the moment is a skeletal knight of dubious courage. But bravery and folly are often confused, and so is Sir Daniel who sets forth, ready to meet the challenges ahead of him head on, if not exactly jaw on."

Rival 1: Frank West

Sir Daniel approaches Frank West, who thinks he's a zombie, but Sir Daniel asks Frank that he's a scheleton and a hero who saved Gallowmere, Frank was confused and he challenges him to a battle.


  • Narrator: Having completed his challenge, the brave knight continued on his quest to search the treasure.
  • Frank West: Freeze Zombie!!!
  • Sir Daniel: ???
  • Frank West: Yes, im talking to you Zombie, you will never conquering the Mall!
  • Sir Daniel: ???? (Your talking to a wrong zombie, i'm the Hero of Gallowmere and a skull knight!)
  • Frank West: Skull Night? Less talk, more fight!

Rival 2: Jin Kazama


  • Narrator: Having defeated all the villains he had encountered thus far, a result which was... well, rarely in doubt...he still continues his quest.
  • Jin Kazama: Wait!
  • Sir Daniel: ???
  • Jin Kazama: You must be Daniel Fortesque right?
  • Sir Daniel: ??? (How did you know my name?)
  • Jin Kazama: Just simply waiting for you to battle!
  • Sir Daniel: ??? (Well in that case, lets have a duel, Un Garde!)


Sir Daniel wins the tournament and returns to his crypt, still unsure if the people he defeated during his quest were in fact Zarok's minions. Nevertheless, he saved Gallowmere and regained his well deserved place in the Hall of Heroes. As he lays down on his tomb, the narrator states that this may not be Sir Daniel Fortesque's last adventure. Loc-Nar's powers also runs through him.

"Sir Daniel has once again successfully defeated those he set out to fight, a result not... wholly unexpected. The Kingdom of Gallowmere is safe once again... though was it really ever threatened? Nevertheless, Fortesque regains his well-deserved place in the Hall of Heroes. And while he hopes this will be the last time he is called back to duty... Deep in his... gallant heart, he knows this will not be his last adventure."

Snake Codec


Role In SSE



Colors & Costumes


  • Although Sir Daniel isn't able to speak clearly (although he sort of could in MediEvil II), his voice in the original MediEvil and MediEvil: Resurrection was provided by the original MediEvil Art Director Jason Wilson, who wrote a script for what Dan would say and then read the lines through gritted teeth with a bucket over his head. His voice in MediEvil 2 was provided by Marc Silk, who also voices Spike and the Gargoyle narrator in Sir Daniel's story mode.

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