Since I can't make a full, in order SSE, because it's too complicated, I will put the descriptions of my level ideas in here.

Wily Castle

The stage starts off with an intro referencing the boss intros in The King's Epic Adventure, with Toon Wily being he boss. At Wily's Castle, Rokko Chan beams in. She then runs forward, and the level starts (It's a level similar to the Labs, with the enemies being a mix of enemies from Mega Man & Rokko Chan.) After the level, Rokko is seen dashing, but soon bumps into Sprite Megaman. Being the guy he is, he gets up & calls her a prick for being to clumsy. Toon Wily then appears with a Dark Gun. When he sees the two, he can't decide which is Megaman, and decides to shoot them both. Rokko then shoots the gun out of his hand, and they then begin to fight (A basic fight between Rokko Chan & Sprite Megaman vs. Toon Wily.) After he is defeated, they run off, entering the next part of the level (which is an entirely different level.)

Imperial Developement Building

This level is a mix between the first part of The Ruined Zoo, and Geurtana Gallery. Taneo is seen working at his desk, when a giant boulder comes crashing through. A level nearly identical to the Porky Statue Chase part of The Ruined Zoo begins, except the Porky statue is replaced with the giant boulder, and Taneo has to run away from it. Afterwards, The Boulder is stopped in a wall. Taneo is then suddenly attacked by the Lady in Red (the woman in Incredible Crisis that looks like Pauline) and her goons. When it seems hopeless for Taneo, Judge Dredd crashes in and says, "YOU BETRAYIN' THE LAWUH!" The Lady in Red then gives a signal, and then a giant crane crashing through the wall, sending Judge Dredd flying (the boss is the crane, duh.) Afterwards, JD & Taneo team up.

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