Sblg sonic. exe
Universe SEGA
Debut Sonic.exe
Appears in Smash Bros. Fortress Lawl
Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy
Lawl with Garterbelt 3
Friends Sally.exe (girlfriend)
Tails Doll (partner in Project X2 Zone)
Lydia Prower Doll
Jenny XJ9 (Chapter 2 of Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy SSE)
Evil Moka Akashiya
Amy Rose (as of the LP and SV33 versions)
Amy Rose.exe
Enemies Cpend7 (for scaring him and giving him a nightmare)
Rainbow Dash
Steven Star
Amy Rose (in terms of the Stocking Rose versions)
Damian Sanders (Ex. This and a Sequel)
Dr. Eggman/Dr. Robotnik
Tsukune Aono
Inner Moka.exe (rival)
Inner Moka Akashiya
Outer Moka Akashiya
The Auditor
Creepy Red (rival)
Squidward Tentacles (he thinks it's not real)
Rosa Anarchy (for killing her parents long ago)
Bubbyaustin 2
Irate Gamer
Best Hercules
Airman.exe (he hates him)
LOLSKELETONS (for saying that the pasta didn't meet the standards and deleting it)
Scanty & Kneesocks
Jon Watson (for accusation of sexually harassing Amy Rose ("real" version) when it could've been a victim whose soul was put in a body that bares a resemblance to her)
Suicide Squidward
Dead Bart
Pinkamena Diane Pie
Suicide Mouse
The Darkness
Metal Sonic (For Steeling His Flying Pose While Killing Tails)
Lawl Team Team Fortress Lawl
Team Galaxy
Team w/ Garterbelt


Lawl Galaxy: Open Eyes

Sonic.exe has his back turned in the opposite direction he faces at the start of the bout with his eyes closed. He then opens them, turns around, then gets into his fighting stance.

Sonictheimmeenpootis' version

Victory/Lose Pose

Opinion 4(Against Jessie Prescott):

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Ring of Fire

Sonic.exe throws a red power ring that is on fire. The ring throwing is simlar to the Sonic character in MUGEN (done by Claymizer, new version) and the special move done by him in Creepypasta the Fighters. Unlike that, this deals 1% burn damage to an opponent. The ring has 1/3 of a chance of trapping the opponent. When that happens, you can press B again to do a lightspeed attack. In tag-team mode (unless friendly fire is on because the ring is red and works the opposite of a normal power ring in most of the Sonic franchise), the ring itself can heal teammates.

Side B - Forward Flight

Sonic.exe flies forward with his sprite looking like a redrawn sprite of Metal Sonic as said in the pasta. Like Frollo's Helldragger, Sonic.exe can fly forth in the air without descending. Unlike it, it obviously moves at Sonic's dashing speed in Brawl. Anyone Sonic.exe touches will enter a dizzy phase after he vanishes. After 3 seconds pass, he re-appears and claws the dazed opponent. If the opponent falls from the edge, mainly when on ice, he/she will glitch up upon reaching near death, then get transported back. Sonic.exe will then say "Don't like playing by the rules?". In his stage, the stage then becomes FFFFFFFF and starts scrolling when players move in a general direction. Sonic.exe will then say such things as, "You're fun to play with, *insert dazed player name here*.", "But this is my world...", "It won't be long now...", "Soon, *insert player name here* will be joining us...", "*insert player name here*, are you listening?", and finally, "You're next!". The clawing just does 3% damage and won't exactly cause that much knockback, so don't worry if you think it would happen to somehow terminate you with extreme prejudice. It also manages to produce some blood, which will become a slip trap that'll dry up over time. When dry, it becomes sticky, bringing the opponent to half his/her speel upon walking over it.

Up B - Pop-Up

Sonic.exe vanishes in a blue cloud of smoke. The way this works is similar to I.M. Meen's electroport, and it can obviously be used to recover. The start of this move will cloak Sonic.exe in blue smog. Anyone who attacks him makes him teleport behind the opponent. On land, Sonic.exe can only teleport horizontally, therefore there is now a reason for that description over in the sentence before this one. After exactly 30 teleports behind a single opponent's back in a row, the opponent will then start to cry. Sonic.exe will then claw the opponent, which is basically doing the same as he does when he catches an opponent during his side special.

Down B - Carnivorous Feeding

Sonic.exe gets out a squirrel, a penguin (which is meant to be a duck), or a rabbit. Any 1 of 3 animals will be eaten up in a bloody fashion that would NEVER be seen in the actual Smash Bros, possibly unlike that cutscene in SSBB where Master Hand breaks free of the chains Tabuu holds him with. However, you can also throw the animal to either side upon tapping A. It'll plop onto the ground leaving behind some blood. After 5 seconds, the animal will reanimate and then slowly wander towards the nearest opponent. When the animal grabs the opponent, he/she takes constant damage, but can still move (at half the speed, but still). The animal can be shaken off by performing standard attacks. If one's strong enough but hits an opponent, the animal latches onto that guy. If it latches onto Sonic.exe, or his teammates, the health it's collected is transferred to the void amalgamation.

Final Smash - GAME OVER

A Sonic 3 save file window appears in front of Sonic.exe and anyone who touches it will be enclosed in the save file (similar to that door thing in Madotsuki's final smash). The captured person is transported to "...", where the opponent automatically goes forth, cutscene-style. Near the end, the final cutscene of the trailer to Superscourge300's fan project plays out. Sonic.exe's face will then flash onto the screen, stunning everyone who hasn't been captured. His Kefka laugh will then weaken free players for 20 seconds after the final smash, dealing less damage and taking more impact. It all ends with Sonic.exe devouring his opponent (star KO-ing). If no one is trapped in the save file after 20 seconds, the file disappears. It's also great for edgeguarding like most final smashes that spawn interdimensional passageways people have seen before.


KOSFX1. "That's no good!"

KOSFX2. "Bummer majores!"

Star KOSFX: *screams*

Screen KOSFX: "Uh!"


Up: *Kefka laugh*

Sd: "You're too slow, wanna try again?"


Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. *in the voice of SFH Sonic* "!"

2. "Next time, try to keep it interesting for me."

3. GAME OVER screen

4. (vs. Tails Doll) "You're just a doll."

5. from sonictheimmeenpootis

6. (vs. Cpend7) "GO AWAY!" Cpend7 then cries, gets scared, and runs away from him

7. (Vs. Shadow8714) "How is this...POSSIBLE!?" Shadow slams the ground with a dark blast,then disappears leaving a trail of blood.

ailure/Clap: Sonic.exe for Hire

Standard Attacks

Neutral Jabs: EXECaliburn Slashes

Dash Attack: Kick Slide

Smash Attacks

  • Sd: Speed Burst
  • Up: Blue Tornado
  • Dn: Sonic Wind

Tilt Attacks

  • Sd: Somersault Attack
  • Up: Lightspeed Shoes
  • Dn: Spin Kick

Aerial Attacks

  • N-Air: Spiked Spin
  • F-Air: Spin Burst
  • B-Air: Hedgesaw Backpunch
  • U-Air: Lightspeed Punch
  • D-Air: Drop Stomp


  • Grab: Speed Swipe
  • Pummel: Speed Knee
  • Forward: Homing Ring
  • Back: Suplex
  • Up: Sonicwut
  • Down: Spindash Snapout


  • Ledge Attack: CD Slash
  • 100% Ledge Attack: Anti-Sonic.dll Burst
  • Ground Attack: Rising Flames
  • Trip Attack: Leg Sweep

Snake Codec

Snake: "Otacon, this version of Sonic is giving me the creeps."

Otacon: "Oh, you mean Sonic.exe? He's a dark being created from the interdimensional void, and he comes from one of the most underrater-to-overrated creepypastas."

Snake: "What's that disk with him?"

Otacon: "That'd be the CD-rom for the game he was a character in. He captures people when he gets the chance and then takes them into his world."

Snake: "So he was once designed to be a killing machine, wasn't he?"

Otacon: "Yeah, well, he doesn't really kill his victims."

Snake: "Otacon, are you serious?"

Otacon: "Yes. He actually first steals their souls and then puts them in bodies of their favorite Sonic characters when he gets the chance to catch them in the act. He only kills them when he's thorougly bored of them, so do you know how excited he is that he's here in Lawl?"

Snake: "I just don't know. Do modern weapons work against him? Do I even have a chance?"

Otacon: "Well, um...look, just try to keep it interesting for him and I'm sure you will."

Snake: *groans* "I guess it's back to the mission for me."

Character Description

Sonic.exe is an entity that was created by himself, thus he's no mere art of the Lord or the Devil. He was created in the void, a gap between dimensions, making him a non-existent outsider in our universe. He was born out of the void's pure dark matter, and during that time, he was without a true namesake or description of his bodily structure, it was when he became known of our universe that he started to take on a form. He became educated of the mascot of Sega as of 1991 known as Sonic the Hedgehog, and then became a big fan of the franchise and it's main hero, especially it's main hero, Sonic. He then did what Mephlies the Dark did in Sonic 2006 (the near bullet to the brain of the Sonic franchise) and used his dark power to copy the appearance of the blue blur, and even when he had this new form, this creature was noted as pure evil due to his monstrous persona whereas he thinks that only he takes ownership of everything, and as such he gained a childish attitude (which was mixed in with the original Sonic's persona in Lawl Galaxy), thinking that all intelligent organisms in our world, namely humans, were to eternally be his playthings. He wanted his own world to rule over so that his "slaves" could have a place to be in so he could enslave them, so his world was made in what is basically a dark mirror held up to the home world of Sonic the Hedgehog, with some of his own touches to it. He had the power to alter the very reality of this hellacious realm of his own, so he is a god of his own world. Unfortunately, as omnipotent as this creature was, he lacked the power to leave his world and enter ours so he could collect his "toys" and be like Robin Williams of something, but he did have some sort of influence over those with some evil in their hearts (unlike in Lawl Galaxy), and as such the creature was able to get someone (without them knowing) to create a doorway that will bridge the gap between both worlds. The doorway took on the form of a computer game known as "Sonic.exe" able to be played via CD-Rom. The game, when played, usually showcases the bowels of the demon's dark realm and the creature himself manipulates all the goings-on of the game in order to show its capabilities. When the game is installed onto the computer, the creature takes full control of the hard drive and then some, and then when the time is right, he'll come out of the game to grab his victims and pull them into his world where he enslaves them. He can only capture his victims for he has very short time to be in our world, because he doesn't truly belong in our world. Strangely, the creature hasn't actually killed anyone. Whenever the monster attacks his victims he just goes for their soul and makes the body look like the person commited suicide, though not always, as for the caught soul, he bizarrely makes it a body and puts the soul in it, making that person a slave of his own. His method of enslavement is fascinating, for upon capturing the person's soul he turns it into one of the many characters as seen in the Sonic franchise that the victim favors the most. The victims today are now in the forms of Tails, Knuckles, Dr. Robotnik, Sally Acorn, Silver, Blaze, Amy Rose, etc. His main targets are gamers that talk smack about Sonic (likely ElRealBoredYoshi64). As stated before, no victims are really put out of their misery in his wake, but they are butchered and tormented in grinsly inhumane manners that leave people to wonder if he gave his eternal slaves immortality as well. When he does actually commit an act of homocide, it would be the most horrific thing since sliced Cupcakes. He only kills those he's 100% bored of, and when he is bored, he turns his mouth into a black hole and sucks up the slave/victim's very existence up like a vacuum, who is then gone forever, never to be seen again. Eventually word got around about the game disk which contained the doorway into his world, and people officially called it "Sonic.exe" after the frightening game itself. And eventually the creature itself began to call itself "Sonic.exe" or just "Exe", thinking that it fits his bill. As a creature that is nonexistent to our world, he dislikes God and Satan, seeing them both as unfit masters of the "toys" he's collecting, which would very much explain the Sega 666 seen in the title screen: It's his way of mocking God and Satan. As for his common phrase "I AM GOD", he means that he's God of his own dark realm, and this fact shouldn't and shan't be brushed off or overlooked. Even though he very much enjoys his routine of tormenting people that dared to play his game and then sucking them into his world to be his slaves, he secretly feels as though it's not enough, wishing to have full access to our world. He hopes that one day, the doorway between both worlds breaks open, and all of his dark powers (not very dark in Lawl Galaxy) will pour into our world.

Sandvich33 Version

  • Sonic.exe is mostly the same as his normal version, except he's more of an anti-hero rather than a villain, with his personality blended in with the original Sonic the Hedgehog's personality, along with him having a voice that's the same as Sonic's, but at the tone of Shadow's. He may still dislike The Lord and The Devil, but he manages to save mortals in the outside world after Crystal, Tom's friend, hacked him out (source of known info on that is obsolete now), even if they're spawns of the realms he hates. He knows of ILAR, but doesn't bother telling the LP version of Amy Rose who that fucker is for the sake of her mentality, especially since they are, inexplicably, a couple. He also has his own dark-mirrored team of Team Sonic known as Team.exe, with Sonic.exe, Tails Doll, and WDWTP Knuckles.

Stocking Rose/Rosa Anarchy/George and Stocking Anarchy Version

  • Rosa Anarchy Arch Nemesis from A long time ago, Mostly after He killed Steven Star and Stocking Anarchy(Before Rosa went in time to Save them.)

Classic Mode


Role in SSE

Sonic.exe fights Jenny/XJ-9 and they both see a Subspace Bomb being set. They both team up and get out of there.


Colors & Costumes

  • Normal Sonic w/ Bleeding Eyes (Default, Blue)
  • Darker-Looking Sonic.exe
  • Psycho Semi-Super Sonic.exe (Yellow)
  • Hover Sonic.exe (Green)
  • Fire Sonic.exe (Red)
  • DarkBladeZero.exe
  • Metal Sonic.exe
  • GameGear Silver Sonic.exe
  • Original Sonic
  • Classic Sonic.exe

Victory Theme

SSBB - Sonic the Hedgehog Victory Theme




Hill, Act 1


  • When Sonic.exe met Cpend7, the theme of the stage was replaced with this
  • Sonic.exe is the #3 gaming creepypasta according to TatsTopsVideos.
  • The character description is paraphrased from the following:
  • In Lawl Galaxy, his personality is mixed in with Sonic's cockiness, arrogancy, heroism, and so on.
  • Nowadays, the user known as LOLSKELETONS removed the creepypasta and posted it to the Trollpasta wiki like the sequel because it "didn't meet the wiki's standards," (still viewable on the seemingly official creepypasta website).
  • The actual sequel to this remains obsolete.
  • The story has been rebooted and can be read here:
  • At The End of the Original Story (Which Was Deleted) Tom Then Looks Behind Him and Saw a Bloody Sonic Plushy (Really? This was Why It Was Deleted -_-)

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