Spam Prevention is a new term introduced in Lawl. As the name implies, it prevents moves that would otherwise be highly spammable. Spam prevention is represented by a type of counter to the left of the character's Damage Meter where Dragoon Partswould normally be. It is unknown where the Dragoon Parts are placed because of this. How Spam Prevention works is every time a character uses a spammable attack, the counter decreases by one. If the counter reaches 0, the attack can't be used. In most cases, the spam prevention counter increases by one overtime. A simple Gecko code can remove this feature. Morshu is the first character to use this.

Characters that use Spam Prevention 


Morshu is the first character introduced to use spam prevention. In this case, spam prevention is used for his rupee attack. Morshu can hold up to three red rupees at a time in his conuter. If he runs out of rupees, he does his infamous "Mmmmmm" line.


  • The kind of rupees Morshu throws out are red rupees, which are worth 20 green rupees. Since he throws out 8 at a time, theroretically he can hold up to 480 rupees in cash.

Toon Dr. Mario

Toon Dr. Mario uses spam prevention for his megavitamin attack. Unlike Morshu's, which uses rupee icons, this one uses numbers. He can hold up to ten megavitamins. If he is holding 10, B can be held to throw a literal megavitamin, which is about the same size as him, and does 4 times the damage. This will use up the 10 megavitamins however.


Anthony's "Life Hack" attack uses spam prevention, although it doesn't recharge overtime. Instead, they come back when Anthony gets KO'd. This is the first spam prevention move to do this.

Outside YTPguy17

Optimus Prime (MAD)

For his Realistic Gun move, Optimus has 10 bullets. Like Toon Dr. Mario, Optimus's bullets recharge with time.


His Rocket special olny holds up to 3 at a time. Like Toon Dr. Mario, they replenish over time.

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