Here I will list the stages for Smash Bros. Raw.

Antelope High

This stage is a basic school hallway with no pits or hazards.


Relax (LaserDisk Remix 2012)

16-Bit Moves Like Jagger

Gaston's Theme (Smash Bros. Lawl)

Amy Rose's Theme (Sonic Adventure)

Intensive Mashup Unit

River City Ransom - Boss Music

Polygon Jecht

A platform made of hexagons, with Polygon Jecht attacking from the background.


Polygon Man Boss - Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

Frollo Boss Fight Music (Kingdom Hearts Idea)

TGS - Like A Boss Parody

Rock my Emotions

Madeon - Finale (Boney Remix)

Main Theme - I Wanna Be the Guy

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