Universe Mojang
Debut Minecraft
Appears in Smash Bros Pawl
Smash Bros Lawl Toon
Friends Mobs
Perfect Cell
Mario 64
Enemies Herobrine
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team Pawl
Team Toon

 Steve is a character in Smash Bros. Pawl.

Special Moves

B - Bow

Similiar to Link's Hero's Bow. Steve will get out his bow and shoot his opponents.

Side B- Diamond Sword

A clone of Herobrine's Up B, but with less knockback. Steve pulls out a diamond sword and slashes the opponent with it.

Up B- Wolf

Steve will spawn a (tamed) wolf. If a opponent attacks Steve, the wolf will attack them, but it can be KOd.

Down B- TNT

Steve will place TNT on the field. It is activated by attacking it, and when it blows up, it will deal INSANE damage and knockback. If the TNT is placed while Steve is in the air, it will auto-explode when it touches a opponent or the ground.

Final Smash- Revenge

Steve will don diamond armor and a diamond sword. Then Steve will slash the opponents constantly and finish it with a attack that KOs all opponents.

Moveset (Team Toon)

B: TNT Block


SideB: Bow


UpB: Ender Pearl




Steve will make a building out of TNT blocks, set it on fire and long story short everybody gets instant K.O.ed

K.O. Sounds

KO1: Oooo

KO2: Oooo

StarKO: *Silence*

ScreenKO: *Glass Break*


Up Taunt- Sneaks to look like he's shaking his butt.

Side Taunt- Sprints in place.

Down Taunt- Digs under.

Victory Poses and Lose Pose

Option 1- Steve raises a diamond in the air and waves.

Option 2- Swings his diamond sword, poses, and types "GG".

Option 3- Steve holds up Butter (a Gold Ingot) and jumps up and down and types "BUDDER!!!".

Option 4 (against Herobrine)- Steve types "Herobrine, you don't scare me!".

Lose Pose- Gets chased by hostile mobs.



Neutral attack - Punches twice.

Dash attack - Sprints and strikes with a pickaxe.

Forward tilt - Drills into the opponent with a dirt block.

Up tilt - Punches upward.

Down tilt - Punches downward.

Smash Attacks

Forward smash - Swings a diamond sword.

Up smash - Punches upward and meteor smashes the opponent with his diamond sword.

Down smash - Stirkes a diamond sword in front of the opponent.

Grabs and throws

Grab - Grabs the opponent with his fist.

Pummel - Slaps with a pickaxe.

Forward throw - Throws the opponent.

Back throw - Rides a minecart into the opponent.

Up throw - Swings the opponent upward with a iron sword.

Down throw - Throws the opponent downward.

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