Strider Hiryu
Universe Capcom
Debut Strider
Appears in Elite Warrior Battle Royale
Friends Aino Heart (girlfriend)
Snake Eyes
Jin Satome
Captain Commando
Enemies Ryu Hayabusa (Death Battle)
Teppa Aizen
Golden Darkness
Lawl Team Elite


Neutral B - Ame-No-Murakumo (Amassing Clouds-of-Heaven)

Strider lunges and slashes the opponent downward in an outward turning slash. This moves can be charged for up to 5 seconds, increases the reach of the attack knockback. The reach and knockback is caused by mostly vertical angle of attacking.

Side B - Formation A1

Hiryu summons his robotic lion to aid him during battle. These have low durability and minor damage, but are very fast and allow Hiryu to cover his approach. There can be just one on screen at any time. Formation A1 go downward in midair.

Up B - Vajra

Hiryu teleports to wherever the opponent is. Again, using the control stick to choose where you will teleport to anywhere to 3 second and letting go of the B button will make you warp to the chosen spot. He can also disperse clones which home in on the opponent with a divekick by pressing A Button during the 3 second.

Down B - Ouroboros

Hiryu summons two small satellites which revolve around him. While the Ouroboros are up, all of your basic attack can htly fire energy hoop projectiles. It last until 20 second, but you have to uses this moves again for a limited amount of time.

Final Smash - Ragnarok

Strider dashes forward and grabs the opponent and assaults them from all directions using multi-images of himself. When catching a opponents, this move can rapidly attack them and causes massive damage and immense knockback to the air to the main target in the end of the Final Smash.


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