A story mode whitch every single Lawl character comes together to save their world from the Lawl Villians, i.e.: Blue Dad, Ratchs III, etc.

Lawl Team Leaders



ttern, jumping towards opponents, dealing damage to the touch. They are very little threats.

Rape Hand

"Rape Hands" are sneaky residents of the Dream World. They only attack by raising up from the ground, dealing damage to the touch. They do remain vulnerable while above ground, however.

Nausea Ghost

Nausea Ghosts are special ghosts who reside in the Dream World. When touched, opponents will get "nauseated", with the ghost looming over their heads, constantly getting damaged. The effect is not permanent and the ghost itself can easily be dispatched.

Sickness Ghost

Sickness Ghosts are special ghosts who reside in the Dream World. When touched, opponents probably would get "sickness", with the ghost looming over their heads, constantly getting damaged. The effect is not permanent and the ghost itself can easily be dispatched.


Toriningen in Subspace Emissary are as annoying as they were in Yume Nikki. When Toriningen are calm, they will casually walk around, yet dealing hard damage to the touch. However, when you hit one in any way, they will become aggravated, symbolized by their neon- purple eye change. Now when they are touched, the player will be teleported to a grove of secluded trees at the beginning of the stage. They will still be aggressive after exiting the room.

Mad Wig

Mad Wig is another basic enemy emerging from the Dream World. They can only attack by lunging towards opponents. They are just about as simple as the Rape Foot.


Flovag is one of the more... phallic creatures residing in Madotsuki's Dream World as a mini-boss. Flovag attacks by shooting a spray of blood (in 4 dropplet projectiles), doing moderate damage that can easily knockback unsuspecting opponents. It also floats around the area, preforming this attack. Flovag is very resiliant, taking very little damage when hit. When it gets angered, it will try and close in on the unsuspecting opponent. While this happens, KyuuKyuu-Kun appears at the bottom of the screen. If Flovag... grasps KyuuKyuu-Kun, it will fill with... blood... and be in a vulnerable state. This is the best time to strike, mainly with a Side Smash to do some great damage.




Rivaling against the Spartan Army lead by King Leonidas, the Persian Army consists of a huge force of Persians under the command of their king, Xerxes. In 300, the Persians invade Greace to establish themselves as world dominants, under a massive gathering of Persian soldiers, only being resisted by an army of 300 Spartans. This group is part of the Subspace Army in Smash Bros. Lawl, alongside Dr. Robotnik and his Badniks.


Persians in the Persian Forest

Types of Persian Soldiers

Persian Swordsmen

The most common type. They attack by charging towards the enemy and slashing him/her with their swords. They're not much of a threat in small numbers, but they prove to be a headache attacking in large groups on both sides.

Persian Spearmen

These Persian soldiers wield spears, respectively. They stand in one spot and toss their bladed sticks at intruders like Leonidas's neutral B. Excellent dodging skills are needed to defeat them.

Persian Archers

These Persian soldiers are armed with bows and arrows, standing in one position while releasing an arrow in a straight line. The arrows travel fast. Quick dodge timing is necessary.

Persian Torchers

Persian soldiers with torches, they slowly charge up their flames before unleashing a multi-hitting wave of fire at the opponent. Fast characters are best for taking out these soldiers.

Persian Bombers

Dressed as magicians, they attack by throwing smoke bombs at the player. The bombs have a delay rate of a few seconds, unless the bombs hit the player directly. Persian Bombers are a nightmare in groups, so finish them quickly.





Glutko is a gluttonous green-skinned cyclops that is a boss from Link: the Faces of Evil. He faces King Harkinian and I.M. Meen in Hyrule.

His attack pattern involves swiping his claws at the player and roaring to summon boulders from the ceiling.

To defeat him, the player must dodge his attacks and grab the last rock of the boulder avalanche. Then he must toss the rock into Glutko's mouth. Glutko will choke on it and make himself vulnerable to attacks.

Game Genie

Game Genie is, as the name suggests, a genie summoned from a game cartridge. He appears from the Irate Gamer Show. The Irate Gamer summons him to fight the Nostalgia Critic in Real City.

His attack pattern is random. When he has his ghostly tail, he performs an attack by snapping his fingers. One attack involves creating explosions near the player. Another attack involves spawning a giant snake that dashes towards the opponent twice, then falls on him/her. When his ghostly tail disappears, the genie will try to wallop the player.

The only way to hurt him is to attack the game cartridge he was summoned from when his tail disappears while avoiding his walloping. Once he takes enough hits, the cartridge explodes and the Game Genie disappears.

Scratch and Grounder

They are two robots created by Dr. Robotnik from the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Scratch and Grounder fight Leonidas together in Sparta, and Scratch fights I.M. Meen by himself in Final Forest.

The robots in Sparta have unusual attacks. Scratch flies in the air, dropping egg bombs, while Grounder attacks by swinging hammers, throwing pumpkins, and stretching his hand out at the player. They may even drive a tall tank coming from off-screen and fire four bombs at the player.

Scratch has his own attack pattern in Final Forest. In addition to dropping egg bombs, he swoops, drops blue armadillo robots that roll into the player, and fires from his... crotch cannon. This battle also has a two-minute time limit.

Grounder can only be damaged by shoving the egg bombs at the numbskull. Scratch can be hurt by attacking the armadillo robots and then sending them flying towards the feathered fiend. Both explode upon their defeats.

Big Red

While not known by any official name, this creature is the path that leads to the Windmill World in Yume Nikki. Madotsuki fights it in her dreams.

Big Red will stretch its neck to swallow the player, which results in an instant KO. If unsuccessful, it will roar and summon a hand that knocks the player closer to the creature's mouth. It will even descend from the ceiling to chomp on the player.

The boss is only vulnerable to any attack if the player dupes it to close its mouth around Kyukyu-Kun.

Persian Messenger

The Persian Messenger is a major member of the Persian Army who is famous for being kicked into the pit by Leonidas in 300. However, when he encounters Leonidas in the Persian Forest, he enacts revenge.

This boss has the most formidable attack pattern of all the bosses. He is always zipping across the screen with his horse, doing massive damage to the unsuspecting player. Sometimes, he may fool the player by zipping in front of the battlefield. He'll summon a Persian Archer with a flaming arrow to fire at the player off-screen, summon three Persian Soldiers, or throw bombs, all while bantering "This is madness!" or other quotes.

Defeating this boss is tricky. The player must dupe the Archer to fire his arrows at the rod at the center of the screen. When the Persian Messenger does his rush attack, he stops and his horse whinnies before turning to the other direction, giving the player only a few seconds to hurt him.

Super Lawl

  1. Darkness (Kingdom Hearts)
  2. Glutko
  3. Game Genie
  4. Evil Lucky Charms
  5. Persian Messenger
  6. Mini Boss:Dark Naruto
  7. Dark Ninetails Naruto
  8. Scratch & Grounder
  9. Mini Boss:Toon Cutman
  10. Mini Boss:Gaston & Frollo
  11. Big Red
  12. Irate Gamer
  13. Mini Boss:Machine Heavy
  14. Scratch
  15. Min Boss:Hitler,Mojo Jojo & Zeus
  16. GBF
  17. Mini Boss:Doc Ock
  18. Symbiote Doc Ock
  19. Mini Boss:Dark Mordecai & Dark Rigby
  20. Ygbir
  21. GBF Jr.
  22. Mini Boss:Sentinel
  23. Mini Boss:Juggernaut,Omega Red & Spiral
  24. Mini Boss:Magneto
  25. Galactus
  26. Toon Sagat
  27. Jack Spicer
  28. Omega
  29. Captain Hook and Father
  30. Dimentio
  31. Dr.Weil
  32. Monkey Mother Ship
  33. Specter
  34. Mini Boss:Bunch of Eliminators
  35. Best Hercules
  36. Mary
  37. Mini Boss:Kazuya Mishima
  38. Anubis Necromansis the IVth
  39. Azazel
  40. Mini Boss:Caesar's Clones
  41. The Hydra (Both Disney & The Best Hercules Movie Ever)
  42. The Cyclops (Asterix & Obelix XXL2)
  43. Julius Caesar (Asterix & Obelix)
  44. Mini Boss:Hades,Scanty & Kneesocks & Marco Antonio Regil
  45. Mini Boss:Vicenzone
  46. Vesuvia
  47. Mini Boss:Starscream & Lord Garmadon
  48. Megatron
  49. Galvatron
  50. Colonel Rabec
  51. Darkness 2nd fight
  52. Dimentio (Second Round)
  53. Mini Boss:Nemesis,Toon Dr.Wily & Dr.Robotnik
  54. Oogie Boogie
  55. Mini Boss:Jacker & Blackheart
  56. Mini Boss:Freeza,Cell & Lemongrab
  57. Mini Boss:Corset
  58. Corset 2nd Phase
  59. Mini Boss:Him,Charade & Axel
  60. Blue Father & Blue Woman & Son
  61. Daroach
  62. Mini Boss:Seth,Vile & Urien
  63. Mini Boss:Toon Guile,Sonic.Exe & False Iron Giant
  64. Mini Boss:Yusuf,Umlaut & Jafar
  65. Mini Boss:Barlog,Vega & Juri
  66. Mini Boss:M.Bison & Toon Bison
  67. Darkness 3rd Fight
  68. Gaston
  69. Xerxes & Dr.Robotnik
  70. Maximo
  71. Toon Sagat (Second Fight)
  72. Ratchs III
  73. Dark Oak
  74. Danny X
  75. Dark Daroach
  76. Super Dimentio
  77. The Sun of All Evil
  78. Mini Boss:Drew Pickles & Barney The Dinosaur
  79. Frollo
  80. Akuma
  81. Shin Akuma
  82. Abyss & Polygon Man
  83. The Destructinator (1st form)
  84. The Destructinator (2nd form)
  85. Nega Cosmo
  86. Evil Rainbow Dash
  87. Rematch (Glukto,Darkness,The Hydra,Game Genie,Julius Caesar,Azazel,Dr.Weil,Galvatron,Vesuvia, Galactus,Oogie Boogie,Eleminator Leader & Specter)
  88. Mini Boss:Lumine,Dracula (Castlevania) & Marceline
  89. Mini Boss:Perfect Chaos,Megatron (Second Round) & Dr.Psyche
  90. Mini Boss:Earthrock Trilobyte,Frost Walrus & Flame Mammoth
  91. Mini Boss:Princess Shroob,Kyomos & Axem Rangers X
  92. Smithy
  93. Final Smithy
  94. El Emmisario
  95. El-Anti Poop (Final Boss)
  96. Darkness Cosmo (Hidden Final Boss)
  97. Thanos (Optional Boss)
  98. Dark John (Optional Boss)

Final Bosses

Team Antilope

Chuck Norris

Team Arl

Team X

Unknown (it will wait)

Team Fortress Lawl

Drew Pickles

Team Elite

The Sun of All Evil(Heavy Metal)

Team Super Lawl

El-Anti Poop

Team Galaxy

The Darkness

Team Mawl

Danny X

Team Raw


Team Kombat

Azazel (Tekken 6)

True Final Boss

The Creator

This boss is where all the leaders fight together

Fighters __________


Steven Star

Lydia Prower


Lucas McLighting

I.M. Meen

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