Universe JackNJellify
Debut Battle for Dream Island (2010)
Appears in Inanimate Smackdown
Friends Pencil and Match
Panty & Stocking
Ami & Yumi
Eraser & Pen
Lydia Prower (TB only) (her favourite armless BFDI character)
Lumpy (TB's owner)
Enemies Scanty & Kneesocks
Steven Star (GB only)
Lawl Team Team Inanimate Smackdown


Safety Net

Tennis Ball or Golf Ball will fall down and land harmlessly onto a safety net.

Special Attacks

Tennis Ball

Neutral B - Magnet

Tennis Ball gets out a magnet. Pressing B while the magnet's out sends out a close shockwave that'll repel those up close. Moving up sends out a magnetic field to attract opponents or down to send one to repel them. The range of the fields go up to approximately half the length of a stage builder block away and around. The magnet can also attract or repel projectiles. When the object's sucked in, Tennis Ball is able to use it.

Side B - Rice Cake

Tennis Ball gets out a rice cake. Nothing really special when it's thrown, it's just basic and boring.

Up B - That Cloud Looks Like...

A cloud appears under Tennis Ball and he flies upward. While flying, pressing B releases a bombardment of either tennis balls or golf balls onto opponents. The tennis balls are more powerful than the golf balls, but bizarrely they're slower and vice versa.

Down B - Switch

No need to explain.

Golf Ball

Neutral B - Incinerator

An incineration pit appears at Golf Ball's feet. Once it's open, you can press B to close it up and activate the safety net, enabling you to plan your own interesting methods to get them in.

Side B - Nonexistent Calculator

Golf Ball will throw a calculator. After the calculator hits the ground, Golf Ball will stay immobile and invulnerable while it's out, restricting you to only perform tiny and powerful electric shocks from her random calculator. If anyone hits the calculator, it breaks and Golf Ball "regains consciousness" (which isn't a very likely cause of her immobility while the calculator is out).

Up B - Stretched Legs

Golf Ball streches her legs and goes upward. That's pretty much it.

Down B - Switch

Again, no need to explain.

Final Smash - Heat-O-Tron 2000

A cloud forms around Tennis Ball/Golf Ball and then either one of them stand on the Heat-O-Tron 2000. It then shoots a hot laser that knocks opponents in or near its y-axis out of the park.



Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. TB: "Sounds like a plan!"

2. (vs. females) GB: "Send her to the Incinerator, Tennis Ball!" TB: "Fine!"

3. GB: "Isn't this race great?" TB: "Yeah!"

Failure/Clap: TBA

Inanimate Smackdown Character Moveset - Tennis Ball and Golf Ball-205:38

Inanimate Smackdown Character Moveset - Tennis Ball and Golf Ball-2


  • Most BFDI fans view these two as a couple.

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