Blackrock is a Story Mode Stage in Smash Brothers Elite.


It starts with Mike Chitlon riding into The Blackroad Station, thinking he find Loc-Nar and his power. However, Aerrow gets into Station with his Flying Motorbike. Mike somehow think that Aerrow want to into a match with him and fight him to Loc-Nar and challenges Mike Chitlon to a duel. Mike/Aerrow wins the duel, and the two shake hands in respect. Then Suddenly, they realize that they in an Twisted Metal contest, where Dollface, Mr. Grimm, Axel, and Talon are attacking each other. Mike/Aerrow revives the Aerrow/Mike and connection Mike's Car & Aerrow's Motorbike to escape this madness, while escape, the Twisted Metal's rider mistake they as opponents and chase they.

Later, after defeat all the rider, Sweet Tooth came out of someone grave.(From his ending in Twisted Metal 2012), and Mike & Aerrow driving, which make his blood happy to see they dead. So his decide to chased those two with his ice cream truck, while demented clown theme play. However, Mike & Aerrow knock Sweet Tooth into a pit and is thought to be dead. However, he doesn't, with Ditmento giving him a second chance of life if Sweet Tooth find Loc-Nar.

Back at the Blackrock Station, with the driver dead, Jet the Hawk was about to detonate a Bomb and was about engulf most of Blackrock Station, before he gets knockout by Trace.

Characters Appears

Playable Characters

as Non-Playable characters (or Challengers)

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