Ahh, if it isn't the good-old kingdom of Hyrule, retaining its classic Ocarina of Time design. Good times, damn good times. Anyways, they all reside in The Lost Woods, with the Big Poes also appearing in Hyrule.


Deku scrubs are common inhabitants of the Lost Woods, usually staying solitary or in small groups. They attack by shooting Deku Nuts from their mouths, which have decent reach and fair damage. They mostly stay solitary, and can be pretty easy to take out.

Big Poe

Big Poes are the ghosts of deceased Hylians laying in wait to attack the living. They are constantly flying, which requires a character with good arial game or a long-reaching projectile to take these guys out. They attack through projectiles in the forms of fiery-Poe souls, which move a little slowly and do decent damage.


Wolfos are annoying wolves found deep within the Lost Woods. They constantly howl at opponents and circle the surrounding area. They attack with two rapid strong swipes that can easily break shields. They can also defend themselves with their claws against some attacks. They take some time to defeat, more so than the other enemies.

Skull Kid

Skull Kids are the mischievous imp children that reside in the Lost Woods, who hate adults and welcome children as playmates. A Skull Kid appears as a mini boss in Lost Woods. Skull Kid stays stationary on the tree-trunk platforms, dancing with its flute. It tries to attack opponents by shooting them with shots from its flute. Whenever an opponent tries to come in physical contact with the Skull Kid, it will simply jump to another treestump. Its only time of vulnerability is when it gets stunned by the Deku on the left-hand platform.


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