The Machines are a group of robotic versions of the characters from Team Fortress 2 lead secretly by whoever is intertwined in the decided storyline of the spinoff someone wants them to be included in. This group is part of the Subspace Army in whatever spinoff anyone wants to put them in.


Robot Scout

The regular Scout robots are the most common bots in Mann vs. Machine. Like the regular Scout, they are fast but weak. To counteract their fragility, they often come in large numbers. Scout robots in early waves wield only the default bat, making them a very minor threat. However, they can easily overrun a player in numbers if they get too close. Later, these robots are seen to wield the Scattergun, making them more dangerous up close. Scout robots are intended more for running the bomb to the hatch rather than to pose a true threat to players, though it's still dangerous to get mobbed by Scout robots. In more advanced difficulties they sometimes appear with a permanent Crit boost, making them even more dangerous.

Robot Soldier

Soldier bots behave like human Soldiers, rushing into battle using with their Rocket Launchers as a primary means of attack. By itself the Soldier bot isn't a terrible threat, but nothing in this game mode comes "alone". A squad of Soldier bots becomes a quick problem as you may be faced with a barrage of rockets coming your way.

Soldier Robots reload when they have time, and fire when they see an enemy.

Robot Heavy

Your Standard Production Heavybot, manufactured by Gray Mann. These robots are similar to the normal Heavy: big, tough, and pack a punch. The regular Heavy wields a Minigun, ripping anyone who dares to come too close to shreds. The Heavy robot often comes in small to medium sized waves, often accompanying other robots as support. They appear to have a delayed sense of enemy tracking, meaning that they will find it hard to hit a player dodging at close range.

Sentry Buster

The Sentry Buster is a specialized robot that appears in the Mann vs. Machine mode when a Sentry Gun has dealt significant damage to the robot horde. It appears as a large pair of legs similar to a Demoman robot, but with a large pressure mine for a torso.

Once a defending Sentry Gun has dealt either 15 kills or 3000 damage to the robot horde (by default), a Sentry Buster will be dispatched; they do not appear under any other circumstances. Once deployed, the Sentry Buster will make a beeline for the Sentry Gun that triggered its appearance. Upon reaching its target, it crouches and begins beeping. A few seconds later, it detonates in a massive explosion guaranteed to level the offending Sentry and just about anything else within approximately a three-Teleporter radius.

While inattentive Engineers will be sure to lose at least their Sentry to a Sentry Buster, aware ones with a competent team can deal with it without too much trouble. Sentry Busters can simply be killed before they reach their target, which will cause them to wind up and explode prematurely. Hauling the target Sentry out of the detonation zone will save it, as Sentry Busters cannot move once they begin counting down, but will not protect any other buildings that may be nearby. Should the Engineer be daring, he can pick up his Sentry and carry it around the map, which will cause the Sentry Buster to chase him indefinitely until it gets close enough to explode; this does, however, stop the Engineer and their Sentry from attacking the rest of the horde. Knockback can keep a Sentry Buster at bay long enough to destroy it, but once they begin the detonation process, they are immune to it. However, regardless of how a team defeats a Sentry Buster, the robot horde will continue to send them out after a mission-specific delay time until the target Sentry is destroyed or the wave is completed. As a result, it may be preferable to allow it to do its work and simply build a new Sentry Gun.

Sentry Busters will spawn against and target Mini-Sentry Guns, but they will ignore Disposable Sentry Guns, even if it is doing more work than the primary one. If a Sentry is destroyed before the Sentry Buster gets there, it will continue running to where the Sentry used to be and detonate. One Sentry Buster can spawn for each Engineer on the defending team.

Destroyed Sentry Busters, whether by themselves or by the players, leave no money. A large cloud of dark grey smoke lasting a few seconds remains after detonation, blocking the view of players within the range of the smoke.

Giant Robot Heavy

The giant Heavy is a giant version of the regular Heavy. It wields an overclocked Minigun that can do 50% more damage. The Giant Heavy acts largely the same as the regular Heavy robot and is often accompanied by various Medic Robots.

Role in SSE


Notable Machines

  • Robot Medic
  • Robot Demoman
  • Robot Spy


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