TyranitarTube is a popular Pokétuber. He is known for Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Extreme Randomizer Nuzlocke. He uses the name Thamill alot, so this moveset will refer to him as that because it's easier.

Entrance: What's up everyone, its TyranitarTube!

He enters saying this.

Neuteral B: Pokémon Cards

Thamill opens a pack of cards. They do stuff.

*Cubone: Cubone will make opponents feel sorry for it and leave it alone.

*Simipour: lags Thamill for 20 seconds

*Wingull future troll: Grabs opponents for 10 seconds

There is a chance an EX card comes and does 100 damage

Side B: Peeko Flute

Thamill blows the Peeko Flute and Peeko arrives You can move around for 10 seconds. You can't get hit because of the power of lord peeko. If you spam, Peeko sometimes won't come.

Up B: Masuda Plane

Thamill leaves in a plane with Masuda's face on it (His demonstration of the Masuda review of Gen 7) however, you can only go diagonally.

Down B: He ate mah wendy's burger!

Thamill speculates about what he thinks might happen next on the battle while his dog appears to protect Thamill. You can run at Sonic speeds and ram into opponents. However, if there is any food item around, the dog might eat it. press Down B to cancel or wait until Thamill recieves 10 damage.

Final Smash: Mysterious Megastone

Thamill throws a megastone at Mavis (His Milotic) and it mega evolves. Press B to use a Hyper beam and deal 40 damage. You can do 6 before dissapearing.

KO Sounds

KO Sounds 1: NOOOO!

KO Sound 2: That makes no sense!

Star KO: (echo) NOOOOOO...

Screen KO: Freaking...





Victories & Losage

Victory Theme: Extreme Randomizer theme

Option 1: Anyways guys, that's it for this episode! Be sure to leave a like if you enjoyed...

Option 2: Looking for dem secrets!

Option 3: Kills simipour

Losage: Facepalm

Other Attacks

Ground attacks

Jab includes two punches and a kick.

Aerial Attacks

Smash Attacks


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