Willamette Mall is a Story Mode Stage in Smash Brothers Elite.


Meanwhile, at a town of Willamette, Colorado is the city mall; a large crowd of zombie are getting kill by Frank West and Chuck Greece: Spectators to this zombie outbreak, up in once a the building above the city mall is, which is otherwise habited is Rei Miyamoto, who helping Frank and Chuck using a sniper. The sky suddenly darkens, heralding the arrival of The Helghan. Rei quickly joined by Frank and Chuck as they all battle The Helghan; soon, what they perceive to a slimier face, Taizo Hori, carrying Lance who is still froze. Chuck barely have time to get Taizo when all of a sudden, The Special Forces leader, Brock Mason - a prior enemy to Frank West and "spoiler" the final boss of Dead Rising - appears in the city mall, emerges from the tank and points its cannon, blasting Chuck Greece out of the Willamette and far into the sky. Frank and Rei must now face Brock Mason on a tank, while along killing those Zombie.

After Frank and Rei defeats Brock, they notices that the Helghan decide to use FireBoming to destroy Willamette Mall, thinking that Loc-Nar will be find underground. Alec Mason manage to flee Frank and Rei just in time on a vehicle, just as Willamette and mostly of the zombie is engulfed in a Firebomb Explosion, leaving the area burnt down. They now set off in pursuit The Helghan and find Chuck Greece.

Meanwhile, Chuck Greece is now hanging in a tree in Ponyvilles, where Mr. Freeze and Captain Hook now plan their attack.

Characters Appears

Playable Characters

Non-Playable Characters

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