Witch Doctor
Universe Hero Factory
Debut Hero Factory: Savage Planet
Appears in Smash Bros. Pawl
Friends N/A
Enemies N/A
Lawl Team Team Pawl

Witch Doctor in a playable character in Smash Bros. Pawl

Special Moves

B- Quaza Blast

Witch Doctor shoots a stream of Quaza from his staff. However gets shot has damage constantly given to them, but it will wear off eventually.

Side B- Rocket

Witch Doctor will shoot a rocket filled with Quaza at a opponent. The quaza then becomes a stun trap.

Up B- Super Jump

Witch Doctor will jump-flip in the air. This attack is great for ledge recovery and dodging attacks.

Down B- Quaza Creature

Witch Doctor will put a random Quaza creature on the field. There can only be 1 at a time, though. Here's the list:

Raw-Jaw: Attacks by punching and throwing opponents.

Waspix: Attacks with stun attacks and it's stinger.

Fangz: Will protect Witch Doctor from any attack. They will automatically attack once a opponent attacks WD.

Scorpio: Will shoot at opponents with it's tail launcher. Beware of the fact that this can backfire!

Final Smash- Power-Up

Witch Doctor will power-up with Quaza, making his attacks ten times as powerful, as well as being able to do infinite jumps. Only lasts 10 seconds.


Up Taunt- (laughs)

Side Taunt- "You are crazy, they said!"

Down Taunt- "You are a fool challenging me!"

Victory Poses

Option 1- Laughs manically.

Option 2- Raises his hands into the air.

Option 3- Holds the Quaza trophy in the air, laughing.

Lose Pose- Kneels down and yells.



Neutral Attack- Punches with his staff. High startup lag and low end lag.

Dash Attack- Charges with his staff.

Foward Tilt- Swings his staff around and then strikes. High startup lag.

Up Tilt- Punches upward. Can juggle most characters up to 41%.

Down Tilt- Stomps, causing a tiny shockwave.


Foward Smash- Jumps, swinging his staff around and strikes the opponent, dealing INSANE knockback. High startup lag, but low end lag.

Up Smash- Jumps up and then kicks the opponent in mid-air.

Down Smash- Dives in with his staff, dealing moderate knockback and damage.

Grabs and Throws

Grab-Pins the opponent with his foot.

Pummel- Strikes the opponent with his staff.

Foward Throw- Raises his staff above his head then slams it down.

Back Throw- Pushes the opponent back.

Up Throw- Flips the opponent up with his foot and then punches them.

Down Throw- Stomps on the opponent, causing them to fly back.

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