"OI! Nutter!"
Universe Team17
Debut Worms
Appears in Smash Bros Lawl
Smash Bros Lawl Nova
Smash Bros Lawl EX (from the modern games)
Lawl Galaxy
Friends Ishamie Tarker
Earthworm Jim
Captain Scarlet
Lydia Prower
Enemies BND mask of guo xiang
Gary Bettman
Sideshow SpongeBob
The Minions
Lawl Team Nova
Team LOL
Team Galaxy



Standard B- Bazooka

This weapon cannot be ignored. The Worm takes his bazooka and shoots. You can aim this move like in the games (which can be translated into Smash due to the Cracker Launcher) and the more you hold the B button, the further the missile go. Be careful and try to charge this attack as much as you can, as the missile can hurt the Worm.

Side B- Grenade

The Worm takes a granade. Press B again to throw it. Like the Bazooka, the throw can be aimed and charged, and the grenade can hurt you too. Unlike the Bazooka, the grenade doesn't explode upon contact. Instead it has a timer, which makes the grenade explode after 5 seconds. While holding a grenade, the Worm can still move freely, but can't do any attack until he throws it, and being attacked while holding it will make it explode earlier. Much like Snake's grenades, these grenades deal minor damaged when they hit an opponent, but unlike Snake, you can't pick them up like an item.

Up B- Jet Pack

The Worm packs himself with a Jetpack. While having the Jetpack, a small counter of fuel will appear over the Worm's head. You can move freely with the Jetpack until that fuel runs out. Press B to de-equip the jetpack and press A to drop a grenade, which functions the same way as the ones from the Side B.

Down B- Mine

The Worm drops a Mine. If anyone is near enough from it, it'll start a small countdown and then it'll explode. Mines can be hit with other attacks to move them to different positions. Like the grenades, the mines can deal small damage if you are hit by them, even if they hadn't exploded. Unlike in Worms, the Worm that placed the Mine can't activate the Mine, but it still can damage him.

Final Smash- Air Strike

The Worm will take a Walkie-Talkie and now you control an arrow. You move it with the stick and select a place with the B Button. When you do this, the Worm will call an Airplane that will drop several missiles on the place you selected.


Standard B- ???


Side B- ???


Up B- ???


Down B- ???


Final Smash- ???


KO Sounds




Screen KOSFX:


Up: A giant think bubble will appear over the Worm's head, showing the icon of the last weapon you've used. If you haven't used any attacks, a ? will appear instead.

Sd: The Worm skips a rope. Sometimes he'll say “Boring!” while doing so.

Dn: The Worm takes a piece of the ground and eats it.

Winning Options/Lose Pose

Victory 1: The classic Victory Animation which is seen in pretty much all Worms games.

Victory 2: The dance that the Worms perform after destroying a tower in Worms Forts: Under Siege.

Victory 3: The Worm leaves the stage with the Teleporter.

Lose/Clap: The Worm waves a white flag.

Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

  • AAA Combo- Prod: The Worm punches twice (like one of the idle animations from “Space Oddity”) and then he points with his finger like with the pushing weapon.
  • Dash Attack- Kamikaze: The Worm headbutts forwards while a firey aura surrounds him. It's similar to Kirby's Dash Attack in Melee, but it stops on ledges. Unlike in Worms, you don't die when you do this.

Tilt Attacks

  • Side- Baseball Bat: The Worm swings his baseball bat. Launches the opponent at high percentages.
  • Up- Fire Punch: The Worm uppercuts (while a fiery aura surrounds his hand) similarly to Mega Man's Up Tilt.
  • Down- Blow Torch: The Worm uses the Blow Torch diagonally downwards.


  • Side- Dragon Ball: The Worm uses a Hadouken-like move. Getting hit by the Worm performing the move will deal more knockback and less damage than being hit by the Dragon Ball itself.
  • Up- Battle Axe: The Worm swings his Battle Axe in a similar way to Ike's Up Smash. It can bury opponents.
  • Down- The Worm activates a detonator that makes him explode, much like how they do when they die in the games. While it doesn't kill you, it does damage to the Worm that varies depending on how much you charged it. The explosion is also bigger the more you charge this attack.


  • N-Air - Air Battle Axe: The Worm spins around with his Battle Axe mid-air. Getting hit by this attack when the Worm is swinging it downwards, it can meteor-smash.
  • F-Air - Uzi: The Worm shoots multiple bullets with the Uzi.
  • B-Air - Same as his Forward Air, but the Worm fires his Uzi instead backwards.
  • U-Air - Parachute: The Worm opens the parachute in a similar way to Mr. Game & Watch's Nair from Melee.
  • D-Air - Pneumatic Drill: The Worm drills with the drill while going downwards.

Grabs, Throws

  • Grab- Ninja Rope: Typical Tether Grab/Recovery.
  • Pummel- Chainsaw
  • Forward- The Worm tosses the grabbed opponent in a similar way to how they throw the Animal Weapons in their games.
  • Back- Same as his original Forward Throw, but backwards.
  • Up- Opponent Launcher: The Worm puts the grabbed opponent on a Bazooka and shoots them upwards.
  • Down- Warhammer: The Worm smashes with the Warhammer from Worms 4. It works similar to Lucas' Down Throw.


  • Ledge attack: The Worm punches.
  • 100% ledge attack: The Worm punches.
  • Ground attack: The Worm sweeps with his tail.
  • Trip attack: The Worm sweeps with his tail.

Character Description




The Worm arrives to the stage, gliding with a parachute.

Role in Subspace Emissary


Snake Codec



  • If you KO someone with his Side Tilt, the MLB fanfare will play, like in every game where the Baseball Bat is present.
  • His Shield, much like Yoshi, it's something different. Instead of a regular shield, the Worm freezes itself into an Ice Cube, and instead of getting smaller, it slowly melts.
  • If you get killed by your own weapons or by a team mate, instead of the regular KO Sound the Worm will yell: “Oi, nutta!”.

Moveset Theme


Classic Mode



  • Default
  • The Green Military Helmet often seen in the older boxarts (which is also avaiable in most Worms games with customization
  • The Red Headband that the Worms wear with the Fire Punch, Dragon Ball and Kamikaze weapons.
  • The White and Blue helmet that the Worms wear when using the Jetpack in the Modern Games.
  • The aviator hat that the Worms wear when using the Parachute in the Modern Games.
  • The Grey Medieval Helmet that the Worms wear when using the Battle Axe.
  • The Winter hat that the Worms wear when using the Freeze weapon.
  • A Golden Crown and a Fake Grey Beard referencing the Worm God from Worms Forts.



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